Famitsu Japan Game Charts 2009-8-3 / 2009-8-9 and Sales

Many new releases were released. And, no additional shipments in this week due to Obon holidays.

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Light Yagami3047d ago

Wow. PS2 almost beat PS3.

Kain813047d ago

The 80 GB PS3s are phased out and Sony dont send them new ones cause they want to clear the stock...for the not so Official PS3 slim^^

BTW there are people they wait for the Price cut and the new Model too

Roper3163047d ago

just because they are clearing stock for a new SKU doesn't mean it is for a slim version. It could be the same PS3 but just with a bigger HDD. They will take the current 160 gig PS3 unbundle it and sell it as the core model and then make a new bundle with say a 250 gig or 320 gig HDD and a game.

Light Yagami3047d ago

It says they'll be discounting it in Aug 9. These sales are a few days before that :)

Claudinho693047d ago (Edited 3047d ago )

no sh1t the ps2 almost outsold the ps3, why would you not wait for the slim to come out cheaper

Edit:unless you can not wait to play marvel vs capcom on the ps3 which is completely understandable