Microsoft Gunning For Japanese Gamers.

Microsoft is putting all its stakes in the belief that the games for Windows Live service in Japan will push the waning sales of its gaming console, the Xbox 360. The company is trying all the tricks in the trade to push the sales of the console.

Early April, Microsoft had launched a new service called Windows Live Messenger on Xbox 360. The aim of the service is to let users of Xbox Live friends lists to join those with Windows Messenger friends lists. This service hopes to kick start on May 7.

The service will allow users to message each other, regardless of whether they're using an Xbox 360, a Windows PC or a Windows Mobile device.

Microsoft is also planning to unveil a new text input device, which will attach to the Xbox 360's controller. This will allow users type messages using a QWERTY keyboard. At present if a users wants to send a message of this nature from his Xbox he will require an on-screen keyboard or will have to plug in a Universal Serial Bus (USB) keyboard.

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PhinneousD4248d ago

well japan is missing out. their loss.

kewlkat0074247d ago

then again there have never been an American made console to come out in that market, so whatever Mountain MS is climbing over there, quiting is not the Answer.

I think eventually the 360 will assimilate. I'm sure MS knows they are loosing money but I think they knew that from the very start so I guess they wanna stick to the plan until the tides starts to sway. Whatever is bought over there is always good news, after all, it is huge underdawg.

Well you don't come fresh into this industry not expecting to loose big cash. We all know why we didn't see a 3D0 2, or SEGA Saturn 2, or the Jaguar 128 bit console. MS will have another Xbox after the 360.

PS360WII4247d ago

Japan buys games that were made by American Companies. They buy alot of other American products and services. So to say they don't by the 360 because it's American is without any meritt. Maybe they just don't want it.. you know? I do agree with #2 as it's their loss, but they don't look at it that way.

kewlkat0074247d ago (Edited 4247d ago )

stop thinking about all the other american products japanese people buy and just think about Japanese and Videogames. We all know, there is burger king, dunkin donuts, and american movies in japan. It's all about brand loyalty. Japan has had 2 big names over there Sony and Nintendo, the last 20+ years.

Do you think MS is just gonna step in there and be king of the crop, hells naaaaw. They are not used to Xbox brand which is an american made video game system. Maybe they feel like it has not proven itself , who really knows, I don't live over there, I can only assume.

It's like here in the States, they are trying to make soccer more popular, but it will never happen. Not as long there is Football, Baseball, and Basketball. These sports are like religion to Americans. We eat, sleep and sh!t those sprts here.

(New England Patriots and Boston Redsox will win it this year by the way)

Now is the possibility there, for soccer to share some of the market, YES. Plenty of players and fans here, just not as popular as it is elsewhere around the world, so it's not an easy task.

Same thing with Japan, they have been eating, sh!tting, and sleeping Sony and Nintendo for the last 20+ years, it takes time, their flavor of games, and good support to break through. Whether it will who knows. All I know MS has the money to spend. As long as I'm happy.

On another note: The Dave Beckham deal here in the states, is equivalent to the Mistwalker deal with MS and japan. Wait to be seen if it moves people to watch more soccer here and the Japanese to play more 360 games...this will be a slow process.

PS360WII4247d ago

You got a positive feedback from me ^.-

You spoke my language as far as tieing soccer to football along with making it fit into the gaming world. I hear ya then and who knows 360 can really only get better in Japan seeing that it's all but gone now :(

gta_cb4247d ago


very nicely said, and thats what we ALL need to understand that MS has its work cut out for themselves, also i am impressed that MS isnt giving up so easily especially with it being such a tough places to sell products against Nintendo and Sony

FeralPhoenix4247d ago

...except for the part about New England and the Red Sox...I'm not a big baseball fan but everybody knows that the '9ers are going to go to win it all this year (stop laughing) nah, but seriously that's my favorite team and think they will be alot better this year than last.

OK back on topic....I agree with your comments, but my first thought after reading the entire news article was that all the new things and services mentioned wasn't neccessarily anything specifically aimed at pushing the 360 in Japan...its just pushing the 360's appeal in general everywhere, -correct me if I'm wrong but nothing mentioned was Japan specific, right?

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Says you4247d ago

They couldnt even sell a million windows vista in china they only sold like 244 and thats it. thats how terrible Microsoft is doing there a joke.