Review: Dell laptop will please hard-core gamers

CNN has posted a review of the Dell XPS M1710 which they are toting as:

• Best system for hard-core gamers
• Features top-shelf processor and graphics engine
• Has a full assortment of ports and connections
• Laptop is very expensive; display not remarkably bright

CNN being known for their gaming prowess will certainly know what their talking about in this case. Though Dell does apparently have a special helpline for XPS owners with staff ready to help with gaming related needs.

Rating: 8.2 out of 10

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gta_cb4243d ago

• Laptop is very expensive; display not remarkably bright

... not good! i would love to get my hands on a AMD Turion X2 2.2Ghz
with 256Mbit Dedicated graphics possible PCI-E the memory not that much of an issue as i have a 250GB external hard drive plus another 250GB on my main computer HDD :P so if i can get something like that cheap (£400- £800 MAX) then yay!

assjacket4243d ago

I actually just bought the same system they are talking about in this article, a couple of months ago. The only differences are that mine has the black finish instead of red and I ordered it when they had a free upgrade from the usual 256mb vid card to the 7950GTX with 512mb, which is slightly better than the 7900GTX in the rig they reviewed. The
screen is plenty bright for me, I actually turn it down to about 3/4 brightness, and mine was about $3,500 not $4,000 and change?! I guess I bought at the right time.