Two New Leaked Halo 3 Videos - Armour Customisation

Here are two new leaked videos of Halo 3 for the Xbox 360, including one which shows off the armour customisation mechanic.

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techie4006d ago

hope you realise these are not leaked. This is clever viral marketting :)

TheMART4006d ago

Well could be, but if is viral marketing why wouldn't they use some better footage?

I mean, I can look through the material and say: some neat stuff. But many others say WTF bad quality.

So don't know if this is great viral stuff or not. Depends on how good the viewer is in looking through YouTube quality and bad shooting of the vid

techie4006d ago

Remember that viral for Mass Effect...this could just be the begining...might get these vids in better quality soon. Anyway, I think it's pretty likely they are viral marketting...and why not?

PhinneousD4006d ago (Edited 4006d ago )

stupid that a 3 year old was holding the camera.

techie4006d ago

I'm a brit. Amour is spelt with a 'u' and customisation is spelt with an 's' thank you. Why do American's have to try and teach me how to spell my own language?

dalectrics4006d ago

There seems to be an underlying need to interchange S for Z. If you wana make it your language, at least call it something else than English.

techie4006d ago (Edited 4006d ago ) it's still english...and certainly sound wise "z" makes more sense than "s"'s just that's the English spelling, that's all. Just like 'theatre' is spelt thus. One day we'll get rid of some of our spellings...colour already gone to 'color'...shame as I think the original French spelling is preferrable. And I'm sure 'through' will change to 'thru' and 'knight' to 'nite' or some such...

To below: Yes you butchers! *jk*

Skizelli4006d ago (Edited 4006d ago )

"Why do American's have to try and teach me how to spell my own language?"

Hey now, I've known Europeans to do the same thing, claiming Americans have butchered the English language.

Pay no attention to PhinneousD. Some people are oblivious to dialect.

And on topic, nice post. Crappy quality, but it's nice to know that the armor customizations are a little more in-depth.

PhinneousD4000d ago (Edited 4000d ago )

oh britZ... (cue benny hill theme song)

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Nascasho4006d ago

I'm interested in the Armor Customization feature. Maybe it'll help in advantage/disadavntage like Rainbow Six: Vegas where the lighter the armor, the weaker but faster you were.

zonetrooper54006d ago

Them videos were pretty cool but the guy with the camera was awful. The first video, was that a mutiplayer map or a single player level and the Halo 3 pistol was shown :D

gta_cb4006d ago

i wish we could get some GOOD quality vids with people holding the camera without moving it etc god! although there was some nice stuff shown like the customising im annoyed its such bad quality etc... :(

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The story is too old to be commented.