Old E3 'served no purpose', says ex-Bungie boss

Alex Seropian, co-founder and former CEO of Halo developer Bungie, has said he's relieved that E3 has been downsized into a smaller event - adding that it benefited publishers much more than developers.

Speaking to ArmchairEmpire Seropian said, "I've got to say, it's a huge relief. As a developer, E3 brought its share of excitement. There's a lot of attention put on the industry and if you've got something that's debuting or being shown, it's very exciting.

But more often than not, it ends up being a huge drain on resources to focus and to prepare for an event that really, from a developer's perspective, did not seem to serve any purpose whatsoever," he continued.

"It was really a big strokefest for the publishers to see who could make the most noise."

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calderra4243d ago

This is especially true for Bungie, so this guy knows what he's talking about. Bungie went through all the trouble of making Halo 2's big in-game splash at e3 only to find out that all the work they put into making that demo playable essentially rendered all of those assets (for whatever reason) incompatible with the rest of their plan for the game, so they had to scrap and rebuild the entire game from the ground up shortly after.

I kind of have to agree. E3 was cool, but most consumers really haven't ever heard of it, and too many developers often wasted too much time on it when they could have been finishing their title, or just releasing a public demo instead of a private e3-only piece.