Why Metal Gear Solid is the greatest video game story ever told Part 2

Gary A Swaby of writes: In part one I spoke about how the Metal Gear Solid story really hits home when it comes to the facts and the reality. This defiantly has a significant impact in the story's execution; after all if your playing something that feels so real, and so true then it is only going to grip you into the illusion even more.

With that being said, this week I wish to discuss the emotional impact and the characters within the Metal Gear franchise. These two go hand in hand; as once you begin to determine a characters true thoughts, intentions and feelings, the game has a way of making you yourself emotionally attached to a certain character.

So let me begin by exploring the emotional side of the Metal Gear Solid story.

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DonCorneo3206d ago

bestest game stoey ehva.. the conclusion of which is only on the PS3

xbots get the crappy spin-off starring an emo, effeminate, make-up wearing wanna-be (MGS2 was sh!tty because of him/her)

his wife has big jugs, though, so he's still cool


ExgamerLegends23206d ago

crap now i feel like doing an 8th playthrough of mgs4.

DonCorneo3206d ago

trophies won't be retroactive, so i'll have play MGS4 again. and that's a good thing.

Nitrowolf23205d ago

im on my 15th playhrough

Taarec10ToTheEnd3205d ago

Its the only series to make my eyes tear, especially when Naomi and The Boss dies. I was very sad when Ocelot died because his life was much like Snake's. Liquid had it easy.

GameGambits3205d ago (Edited 3205d ago )

I'd tell you to put up spoiler tags on your comment, but at this point any morons who haven't played this game yet and call themselves "gamers," are just full of sh*t.

My favorite scene in the whole game is when Liquid uses Guns of the Patriots to lock up all those soliders guns and take out two helicopters. Him just yelling BANG over and over was genius.

Best game of this generation so far without anything coming close. The only people who will disagree are A) People who haven't played it B) People who haven't beat it C) People who didn't understand it D) People who skipped over tons of cut scenes E) People who didn't play the others Metal Gear games.

Maybe I should've just summed up A-E as morons. ;)

JL3205d ago

^I call myself a gamer. Very much so. I haven't played MGS4 though. I was never into the series, in fact never really played any of them (though I did watch my cousin, who is very much into the franchise, play a few of the games before).

So, I've done neither A, B, C, D, or E. That makes me a moron? Tsk, poor poor self-aborbed, holier-than-thou gamers.

Rifle-Man3205d ago

I'm only on my third playthrough of MGS4, but I just finished MGS1 and I went out and bought a used PS2 so I could play MGS 2 and 3.

Best series ever.

ifhd3205d ago

Are the mgs AC!D games any good?
they were not made by kojima-sama.

GameGambits3205d ago

They really aren't worth your time. Metal Gear Solid Portable Ops on the PSP however IS worth your time if you love the series. I highly recommend it, but it's a bit rare to find these days at some game stores who only sell the expansion for it.

Ebay is your friend though in times of need. :)

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