Human Nature: Denis Dyack, Too Human developer interview part II

In this second part of's exclusive interview, they talk to Dyack about the evolution of his development studio, how working with Miyamoto and Kojima has influenced the company, the key areas of focus for upcoming Xbox 360 title Too Human, and why there's a real need for only one home console format.

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THAMMER14244d ago

I'm not sure I agree with Denis Dyack about there being one console in the future, but I do see where this is very possible.

The trilogy thing only works if the game in truly imersive and has an impact on the gamer emotions or the story line is equally compelling. I hope this is the case because I have made plans to buy this game.

God of war is a powerfully action packed game with a equally killer story line I will be happy if this game comes close to that by at least 80% - 90%. Over all I expect a totaly awesome game.

Dlacy13g4244d ago

But more and more I am begining to love this guy. I was reading his conversation about Marketing video games ...and this guy gets it! Gaming critics are just glorified fanboys for the most part right now...we need more actual critics. Anyway, he has passion and sensibility in the industry which is a great mix.

hamburgerhill4244d ago

Interesting times are ahead of us and I can't wait to see what the future holds over the next couple of years! There may just be one console for a generation one day but I just want a virtual age to begin to make me a happy man! I have a lot of good faith in Too Human and think that Dyack is going surprise us all once it drops! It must of been a great learning experience for him working with Miyamato and I think it's cool how he doesn't favor 1 console over another!