Square-Go: Wipeout HD: Fury Review

Square-Go writes: "As with all the Wipeout series, practice makes perfect, and the introduction of three difficulty levels since the release of Wipeout HD definitely makes this accessible toplayers both old and new.AI pilots are fiendishly intelligent and at the top of their game in the Elite levels, but add to this the online element of group play and there really is nothing missing from the Wipeout package. The graphics push the Playstaion 3 towards its zenith, new ship styles following the 80's TV rule of 'if it's more chunky it must realistically go faster' and new music tracks add to the variety available and will please any arcade style racing nut".

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krouse933409d ago

If you don't own it yet you NEED to buy it it is something I would gladly pay at least 25 dollars for just the DLC