New Colin McRae DIRT Gameplay Videos

3 new gameplay videos of the upcoming PC/X360/PS3 title Colin McRae: DIRT.

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MasterX3822d ago

In the second video.. when U see the car from distance.. the dust is gone.. hmm.. and it still looks like Ralliesport 2 on the xbox1...

PhinneousD3822d ago (Edited 3822d ago )

but the sound fx is kinda weird. i'll wait for rallisport challenge 3.

MasterX3822d ago

Yeah me too... Rallisport challenge 3.

lil bush3822d ago

to be honest its not motorstorm, but it still looks good though.....

Frulond3822d ago

It looks good to me but... there is a sound loop of ... idk dirt + rocks hitting the chassis or something, its too repetitive and... becomes annoying (at least just while watching at the videos). Shouldn't be off when the car jumps or when terrain changes from ... dirt to pavement? ... or at least fade out while jumping in dirt terrains?
I think is one of those things that can make games annoying after a while, like your character repeating the same phrase over and over.