Two New Screens of Madden NFL 08

WorthPlaying has two new screens of Madden NFL 08 that have surfaced. They highlight Randy Moss in his new uniform as a member of the New England Patriots.

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donscrillinger4244d ago

how come every pic we see of madden 08 never has an ref on the field with the players .this is crazy but i thought its in the game ,but some how another year will come of this thrash and there wont be any refs on the field nor ball markers'Chain gang' on the side lines and the line of scrimm .but those things are really in the game ...

SmokeyMcBear4244d ago

are you kidding me... have you even played the game.. there are always at least two refs in the game.. one in the middle of the field. and a downfile ref.. you would notice them in game because you run into them a lot on passing patterns.. you know, like in real life.

lil bush4244d ago

these screens look pretty good........

donscrillinger4244d ago

smokey im talking about the 360 version and the ps3 no they both dont have refs