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Since the scan that was leaked and all over game sites are very hard to read, and many of you have asked for a full version rather than "quotes". DiggingTheWeb has taken the time to transcribe it for you here:

If you have something derogatory to say about Heavenly Sword, just stop right there – Sony CEA Producer Kyle Shubel has heard it all. "We've already got the two most humorous monikers: "Goddess of War" and "the best demo ever made," he says. I've heard both a billion times.

It also hasn't helped that since Heavenly Sword's first playable (and extremely short) demo in May 200, the only new footage of this PS3 action game has come from an episode of Heroes. Why the lengthy blackout? So our jokes don't become a reality. "We wanted to make sure that it won't just be "the best demo ever made." Says Shubel. "We're a full, real game."

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DrWan4216d ago

fixed the "I" thing...

Cartesian3D4216d ago

and Im sure it will use Full advantage of Bluray for more HUGE world and more Levels...

cant wait ... :(( ..

cartman3134216d ago

God I can't wait for this game. Wish they would at least put a demo out soon.