Beginners Guide to Retro Gaming: Part 1

Information for the beginner on how to get into the retro gaming world. We take a look at what's available, how to get it, and how not to get stung!

In this part we check out the wide variety of retro consoles out there, and what price you should expect to pay for them.

Next week we look at where to find these items, and how to make sure you have the winning bid on an ebay auction.

The week after that we look into pirate games and how to spot them, so that they'll never have to infect your wonderful new retro gaming collection.

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Clinton5144244d ago

Why would "beginners" be getting into retro gaming in the first place?

XboxOZ3604244d ago

Excellent coverage on a great past-time for many gamers. And a welcome read for those wanting to get into Retro-Gaming for the first time. Many younger gamers aren't as savy on the older games, and often think of them as toys, an dnothing matches "This-Gen" etc. But gaming started out on these, and other older console based gaming items, including the Arcade Console/cabinets many of us older gamers (40 - 50yr olds) played when we were young.

There were no Nintendo, Dreamcast, Sony Playstation, or even Xbox back then (70's), and the gaming consisted of many hours in the arcades thumping out on fighting games, or air-combat sims, of sorts.

So I'm looking forward to the following editions of the series, keep them coming.

sovietsoldier4244d ago

unless your 18 and older u really don't know anything about video games or the history/industry. now i know many people under 18 will not like that statement but it holds true. many have no idea about retro gaming cause it was never gaming to them cause they are too young. just like you see it on games when a kid/teen calls a tiger tank a sherman cause he knows nothing of ww2 only what he learns in games. its a sham if they try and join in when they could not even get the fundamentals.---the last statement is for some n4g members.