Rumor: Little Big Planet Demo Coming To PSN In Fall 2007

According to Gamefront, Sony is planning to release a demo of the quirky download-only four player game, Little Big Planet. The game should be released right around the time that the new PS3 online HOME service is ready as well.

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btkadams4248d ago

i wanna play this game so bad. especially after watching the vid on psn. but fall is so far away. i hope it means the game comes out in the fall and the demo should be out soon ha.

Firewire4248d ago

Yeah there a bunch of geniuses over at that site!
This was known all along, Sony said it would be out
Fall 2007 at GDC!
I know this is the demo, but be assured the actual game
will follow soon after! Good stuff though, just in time
for x-mass!

techie4248d ago

Not demo...whole game for building levels. Levels made by users will then be put on the blu-ray release. Old news.

Firewire4248d ago

Good one Deep, forgot all about that!

techie4248d ago

best when you get it, get building the best one. Get some pictures ready to stick in your level :) I say themed levels will be the winners :) Bagsy making a HS themed level :P

drtysouf214248d ago

I already have some level design planned! Hope it makes it on Blu-ray that would be tight!

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The story is too old to be commented.