The hidden potential of Sony's PlayStation Store

Home's been in the news a lot, most recently with news of the beta, and it's easy to forget Sony's other online service: the PlayStation Store. It's been used so far for downloading original arcade and puzzle games, as well as offering a fair amount of retro gaming content. thinks that the platform's got potential for a lot more.....

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btkadams4244d ago

what a dreamer. of course the playstation store has potential but i really dont think its gonna reach that for a few years. maybe home will broaden it up a bit but so far its just alright.

ReconHope4244d ago

The playstation store has been satisfying me with free demos and trailers.
So far i've downloaded a motorstorm demo, Def Jam, Armored core 4, Gran Turismo Hd concept, Mlb 2k7,Formula One Championship, Genji Days of the Blade alternate costume pack,and full auto 2 battlelines. All completely free. Not to mention the Hd trailers: Stranglehold, Spiderman 3 trailer, transformers,elder scrolls oblivion trailer, little big planet, home,gta 4 trailer, and ratchet and clank.

FordGTGuy4244d ago

Lol not to start a flame war but Xbox Live has to many to remember lol!

nix4244d ago

couldn't resist it, could you?

and he says, not to start the flame wars!

Apocalypse Shadow4244d ago

but it would be great to have more content downloading more original games and motion control content.

drtysouf214244d ago

I think its a decent start. It can only get better with time. Give it a year i think it will be up to par with XBL.

razer4244d ago

Let me know when you wake up from that dream. More like 2-3 years.

nice_cuppa4244d ago

microsoft are software !

they wont leave live how it is now !

as sony catch up microsoft moves further forward !

believe me the attention home and lbp have got has been noted and i would bet money they are now or have been working on similar stuff !

nix4244d ago

MS are software... no wonder 360s keep falling apart! what's the use of "softwares" if there is no reliable hardware to support it.

sony's got the hardware part right and they're working on it's software and will come out fast. they've got the machine which will last next five years... MS on the other hand has to still figure out the problems that 360 has and come out with another SKU to truely match up with the current 360s. "we offer choice" is something that won't work in the long run.

even though MS do what sony is doing (that is copy home or LBP), it will probably take another year or two to get it out... it's not something that comes out in 6 months. lots'a R&D and what not! MS may be the software guys but even they don't have the magic wand!

drtysouf214243d ago

@ Razer.........Do you smell that.........I do thats the smell of fear! I have a good nose for it! Fear that its possible that the PS3 or even the Wii for that matter can be equal for better then your console. Your obviously a fanboytoy since my comment was an opinion not a bash of Xbox Live which by the way if you didn't have your head so far up M$ @$$ you'd see i own all three systems and that i'm not a fanboy but a true gamer at heart. I'll defend any system from knuckle head comments like yours. Your not even on my level so don't waste what little intelligence you have trying to combat me. And this isn't a reply to just what you said on this but all the nonsense i just read in some of your other comments. No wonder the $hit you talk matches the $hit in M$ @$$. Remove your head while you can................!

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Shadow Flare4243d ago

needs updating, we've had the same content basically since the ps3 launched. All thats new is fl0w, Super Rubadub, Virtua Tennis demo and a GTA IV and Oblivion trailer. Everything else is crap like downloadable ps3 adverts. Give us psone games and more downloadable titles already

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