N4G May Contest

After the success with the last contest we have decided to run another. This time we have two categories you can compete in.

Contributor of the Month
Get the higest Contributor score in May and you will take home $500 in cash. The Contributor score is mostly determined by your number of approved news posts and the quality of the posts. The better the news post is the higher the bonus scores will be for each post.

Hottest News Post
Simply post the hottest news post in May and you will take home $500 in cash. ($100 bonus to the member who posted the tips if any) Note: We have adjusted the temperatur algorithm a bit making it harder to reach 1000 degrees.

It is possible to win both prizes, which will give a payout of $1000.

PS: To improve your chances of winning please read the N4G News posting tips.

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TriggerHappy4240d ago

Doing this, Expect to see me on here a whole lot :DD

D R Fz4240d ago

great news. Wonder who'll get it this time.

techie4240d ago

;) should have been last month :( shame I have finals this month. Oh well. Good luck

nix4240d ago (Edited 4240d ago )

you should still give it a shot! as for the last month.. you would have won it easily! q:

snoop_dizzle4237d ago

i have finals tomorrow and Wednesday. Which sucks cause i probably shouldn't even be on right now.

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Robotz Rule4240d ago

keep bringing hot gaming news!!!!!

PS360PCROCKS4240d ago

what? that's awesome! That's totally rent for me lol

techie4240d ago

almost a ps3 for me lol

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The story is too old to be commented.