Gallery: PS3 Launches Russian Style

The Playstation 3 launched in Mother Russia on April 20. The next day there was a big PS3 party at Moscow nightclub Dyagilev. There were plenty of PS3s on hand to play and one very cool laser-etched PS3 decorated in old Russian patterns. Check out the gallery for the great PS3 launch party gallery.

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kingofps34122d ago (Edited 4122d ago )

Thats all thanks to the lunch of the PLAYSTATION 3. The party looks to been a blast :) The PS3 sure lunched in the U.S. in style... a different kind of style :(

Edit: Hey! I love the girls there.

PS3 Owns All4122d ago

Russia RULES! I'm really glad that we launched the PLAYSTATION 3, in Russia!

SmokeyMcBear4122d ago

so wait.. it didnt even launch in russia till 4/20. Didnt know that, I think India gots its first taste of the ps3.. things are coming along now.. and that is one helluva bash.. they sure know party.

timmyp534122d ago

man those russian chicks are hotttt!!! (shh no one say anything mean to me)

timmyp534122d ago (Edited 4122d ago )

that party looks sweet!..... i wish i was many units did the russians get.. just curious. ( can i get some comment bubbles?)

consolecrusader4122d ago

I think the numbers were in 48,000 around there if I remember correctly.

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The story is too old to be commented.