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Breaking: WarDevil Launches New site page, Date of Reveal

WarDevil's homepage received a slight upgrade, while adding more sound, the removed the previous pictures and movie clips. The home page also revealed that they will reveal the title sometime in October.

As of remaining PS3 exclusive, the website did not state either way.

WarDevil: Enigma was first announced in 2005 and is slated to be a graphical powerhouse using full 1080p and full, fluid 60 frames per second animation, the first on any console to do so if successful. Once being announced for all consoles, WarDevil: Enigma was later annonced as exclusive to the PS3. WarDevil's exclusivity was recently refuted by IGN.com, but IGN's article later refuted by Hiphopgamershow.com. (Dev, PS3, WarDevil, Xbox 360)

Credit url: wardevil.com
Xistan  +   2248d ago
Gtfo with your reveal, this game should be RELEASED already...

And is it confirmed this game has gone from ps3 exclusive to multiplatform or was that just rumours?
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TheHater  +   2248d ago
I believe that was just rumor. But I do agree, very mislead information in the article submission.
50CALheadshot  +   2247d ago
have a feeling this game will flop
SuperM  +   2247d ago
It says on the wardevil site "Revealed October 2009"
pixelsword  +   2247d ago
@ SuperM
TheHater was correct at the time when I first submitted the article: I accidently typed that the game was coming out in October in the article, but he was nice enough to put a report on it in time so I could corret it. I just went to the site to see if there was any info on the game, and I saw the new site page; so I quickly typed up an article, and in my haste made that mistake.

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zaza126  +   2247d ago
this shows that theyre looking to expand their team and at the top it mentions a code team for the ps3 but none for the 360 so at this point im a little skeptical about it being multiplatform.
"using full 1080p and full, fluid 60 frames per second animation, the first on any console to do so if successful"
didnt wipeout hd already do this?
pixelsword  +   2247d ago
On physical media, I actually forgot to type that, but you are somewhat correct on that one in regards of the parameters. Actually 1080 from what some people take it is actually 1920 by 1280; Wipeout HD's resolution fluctuates (dynamic frame buffer, as stated by someone on neogaf)


and there is a little screen tearing (barely noticeable, though) so no, Wipeout HD doesn't technically qualify although you'd be hard pressed to agree that it doesn't qualify if you played the game.
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gaffyh  +   2247d ago
If this game is anything less than 1080p and 60FPS, I give up on this game. I mean these are the main features that the game is meant to have.
talltony  +   2247d ago
Nope its a ps3 exclusive
Their website says nothing about the 360 or the PC. They keep saying its a PS3 game on the website and that is all we know now. I think if they feel they can get 1080p 60 fps on 360 then it will be Multiplatform at a later date. Untill then its just another ps3 exclusive.
DelbertGrady  +   2248d ago
"but IGN's article later refuted by Hiphopgamershow.com"

Lol! The comedy.
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pixelsword  +   2248d ago
He was right about the PSP having GranTurismo despite other sites stating otherwise...
...so who's to say that IGN is correct about this? Everyone makes mistakes.
TheHater  +   2247d ago
Gran Turismo was suppose to on the PSP back when the PSP was first release. So he did not get anything right what so ever. If you listen to podcast BEYOND!!!! from IGN.com, you will know that they thought it was coming.

edit: thanks for the catch. I did not realize I spelled the word incorrectly.
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pixelsword  +   2247d ago
@ TheHater
I didn't say "all other" sites stated otherwise, but when hhg correctly stated that it was coming out soon or being revealed soon (as I forgot the exact wording), other sites almost instantly stated that he was either incorrect or he made it up. But at the next big games conference, GT for the PSP was announced. Games also always get dropped, so the fact that it was announced from launch for the PSP doesn't mean much in that regard (like Duke Nukem); the fact that he said the game was being revealed/coming out for the PSP and it shows up at the very next big gaming shin-dig with NO prior screenshots or trailers since the first announcement does.

Edit: no problem... thanks for the wardevil alternate link! :D
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DelbertGrady  +   2247d ago
I just found it funny that the least credible gaming source on the web refutes something from one of the most credible.
Simon_Brezhnev  +   2247d ago
lol @ the people hating on HHG you do realize the more you hate and complain the bigger he going to get right?
Gamer_Politics  +   2247d ago
this tech demo better be worth everyones time after all the hype behind this project
Foxgod  +   2247d ago
Yeah, HHG refuted IGN...

In other news, local chinese farmer refutes President Obama.....
pixelsword  +   2247d ago
Refute, as the dictionary states:
"To prove to be false or erroneous; overthrow by argument or proof: refute testimony."

If IGN's anonymous source is accepted as proof, then until gigi-guys puts out the final word, hhg's anonymous source is just as valid; the time will tell whether which one was correct or not overall.

Therefore, even in your statement, yes; a Chinese farmer can refute President Obama if the farmer presents proof to a subject that proves President Obama incorrect.
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ZOMBIEMAN1  +   2247d ago
@ pixelsword
HHG's ass is not a valid source it never was and never will
pixelsword  +   2247d ago
Well, if you get information from his @$$, what do you expect?
Get it from his website.

ZOMBIEMAN1  +   2247d ago
@ pixel sword
you are aware there's no difference right his @ss is his source and his site is his @sshole i think you should wipe of the HHG cum on your face it makes ppl blind


also here's a FVCK YOU with a middle finger for putting : D if there's 1 thing i hate more than retard fanboys ,humans, wanna be rappers trying to be a wanna be game journalism that puts bullsh!t articles and rumors and his fanboys ( like you ) is those god damn faces ppl type up it's so fvcking annoying it makes me cut someones trout yank all the meat of there bones cook it feed it to my dogs and burn the bones and organs until it's dust also nope i'm not a f@g like the HHG fanboys i just read what others say and agree with that because it makes sense
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pixelsword  +   2247d ago
Since I never had his sperm on my face, I wouldn't know...
...but seeing you are familiar with his backside and the effects of his ejaculate, one can only conclude that your experience is unmatched on this subject/fetish.
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pixelsword  +   2247d ago
Xistan  +   2247d ago
=D :P XD =) :>

Cenobia  +   2247d ago
Holy sh!t pixel...you broke him. He snapped like a twig.

JasonPC360PS3Wii  +   2247d ago
Funny this game started multiplatform then it went PS3 exclusive only to go back to multiplatform.
Pennywise  +   2247d ago
I fail to see the comedy in that... When you say "it is funny", I expect to laugh or find some kind of humor in the statement.

You have no proof the game is back to multi. So while you are getting giddy with it... I will be waiting on an official response when the game re-reveals. Either way, who cares... The only way this game will go multi is if these guys go back on their word about their engine. Sub-HD FTW! lol - Now THAT would be funny.
Highatus  +   2247d ago
It's also funny that at Digi-Guys website it only makes mention of utilizing the PS3 under their news section.

"Designed both as a Blu-Ray HD movie & a videogame, WarDevil offers a unique experience, in a richly designed and realised world, unlike any other.

For over two years, Digi-Guys has been creating and testing to make this project possible. Exhaustive R & D has allowed for the development of our own games engine(RTE1080)which gives film quality visuals and effects on it's target system (Sony Playstation3)."

I'm aware of the article stating otherwise, but find it hard to believe the actual creators of the game not state that at their own site.

Just Saying...
Pennywise  +   2247d ago
It's funny how some people get called out and never pickup the phone.
Godmars290  +   2247d ago
Don't know what the games about, what form gameplay takes,
But there's no way its going to live up to expectations. This is another Too Human.
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godoftime  +   2247d ago
ive been waiting for this for sucha long time TIME1!!!!, yesssssss
DARK WITNESS  +   2247d ago
So far 90% of all those big games that promised so much when this gen started have been let downs ( or have not come out at all ! )

some of them have been good, very good, but still not what they were cracked up to be by the dev's before they launched.

i hope this is not the case with this game, but at this point i don't know what to think about it anymore.

its up there with The Outsider, i was so looking forward to it, but now.
Barragan  +   2247d ago
i believe the game could only be exclusive to ps3
if youve seen the engine ps3 is the only thing running that in realtime
Polluted  +   2247d ago
I hate that main character design.
Max Power  +   2247d ago
what happened to the dudes' lance, now he has a gun... not cool.
ZOMBIEMAN1  +   2247d ago
i may not know much about this game but what i do know is this. 1 this is the grand daddy of vapor ware it's so massive and powerful even the mini series to tell the games story is vapor ware and 2 HHG doesn't know more than IGN, that motherfvcker doesn't know sh!t and anyone anyone who says HHG is right and IGN is wrong fvck you , stop svcking HHG's d!ck and get a clue. HHG doesn't know anything about what's going on he reports news and rumors other sites covered already and pass it as his own , his opinions that he passes out in his show and articles shouldn't be allowed here it's not news and this site is News 4 Gamers . so i repeat HHG didn't refute what IGN said because he doesn't know anything .
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Polluted  +   2247d ago
Wow. That whole rant was two sentences.
Highatus  +   2247d ago
Did he touch you in an inappropriate manner?

And did it go down something like this?

Related image(s)
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ZOMBIEMAN1  +   2247d ago
@ Highatus
no i just hate wanna be game journalist that's all you sick fvck
bigjclassic  +   2247d ago
This game reminds me of Dark Sector for some reason...
i mean it was a good game, but didnt go over with the "fad" gamers at all. I think that when it drops (when) it may get a similar response like Dark Sector did.
Tony P  +   2247d ago
This is stupid. Rumours are just giving this game more hype without the devs having to show anything of substance. I could really, really care less to what platform(s) it goes, just make with the gameplay footage and features already. No sense getting worked up over platform if you know nothing about the game itself.
Kyur4ThePain  +   2247d ago
&quot;full 1080p and full, fluid 60 frames per second animation, the first on any console to do so &quot;
Wipeout HD?
pixelsword  +   2247d ago
Technically, no.
Wipeout HD had a dynamic frame buffer which dropped the resolution below 1920x1080, so technically it did not stay "full 1080p"; but WarDevil is claiming that it will stay stable. We'll have to wait and see, though... especially since they removed the information from their gaming site, as I remember they were pushing for 1920x1080p.


(On a non-technical note, I do consider Wipeout a full 1080p game).
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Skyreno  +   2247d ago
Hey go to recruitment in site and it says that is a ps3 exclusive project. not mutliplatform so yeah :)
devilhunterx  +   2247d ago
stop the refute train already.
BlackPrince 42  +   2247d ago
Ahem, A Poem About Wardevil
Wardevil, Wardevil, unleash the beast
Within a game that'll never be released
Grand promises of 1080p
That more than likely we'll never see
Too Human Duke Nukem, it's the same kind of crap
Designed only so graphics whores can go....

....*fap fap fap*

Goodnight everybody and be sure to tip your waitresses.
MK_Red  +   2247d ago
I just can't get over this part of story description:
"IGN's article later refuted by Hiphopgamershow.com.".
Seriously, IGN being refuted by that crappy hit hungry piece of cyber waste?!? IGN vs Hiphopgamer is like Doctor Manhatan vs a fart that doesn't exist.
cmrbe  +   2247d ago
If this game is confirmed exclsuive i will have to defend it agin from the bots lol!.

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