New Ratchet and Clank Screenshots

Here are some new screenshots for Ratchet and Clank for the PS3. Although these are from the same level and clearly of the same build as previous images, they are indeed new and unseen. Enjoy.

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tony4126d ago

these screenshots are looking really good

techie4126d ago

thanks dusty. Didn't get through last they do look very similar, but these show a bit more :)

techie4126d ago

yes very good aye? They have a couple of techniques here to hide them. Of course AA...but also a technique employed by Gears dare I's a lighting technique...anyway I'd bore you with it.

Babylonian4125d ago

please tell me what AA is, is it the same as AI or something else?

Keyser4125d ago

AA- Anti Aliasing

AI- Artificial Intelligence

Covenant4126d ago

Bring this to the 360 so I can play it! (Yeah, it's not gonna happen, but I can hope!) This is one genre MS has yet to fully tap: the action-platformer, whereas Sony systems have always excelled at it.

Looking good so far.

BubblesDAVERAGE4126d ago

This game looks great and your right covenant, they havent tapped that market yet. (blinx the time sweeper lol)

Covenant4126d ago

Kameo was a decent game...I'm a pretty hardcore gamer, and I found myself addicted to its gameplay. Definitely a solid title.

If you didn't like it, that's your prerogative.

However, it was not up to Rare's usual standards, and wasn't genre-defining like R&C or Jak or other games of that ilk.

I agree, tho, on Blinx...I got a free copy, and sold it after playing it twice.

Keyser4125d ago

I liked Kameo also. I thought it was a fun game with some cool things going on. For a launch title I thought they did a good job but it never really caught on. I'm going to blame poor marketing on that.

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The story is too old to be commented.