Eurogamer: Tomb Raider: Anniversary First Impressions

Eurogamer preview Tomb Raider: Anniversary for the PS2 and PC (on a PS3).

"When a preview version of this celebratory remake of the original Tomb Raider turned up in the post, it seemed like it would be fitting and respectful to do a little archaeology ourselves. Vaults were cracked open, dust brushed, ancient code decyphered; the trash and treasures of a long-lost era were rifled through on a quest for answers. The Tomb of PlayStation the First was gutted in search of a copy of Core Design's 1996 classic. When we eventually unearthed one, and subjected it to the harsh glare of modernity (in the form of a PS3, an HDMI cable and an acreage of liquid crystal Lara herself would think twice about scaling) we got a couple of shocks."

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Saint Sony4245d ago

I'm afraid this cow has been dead for ages already, so why are they still trying to milk it?