Halo 3 - New Screens Slideshow HD

This is a slideshow by showing Halo 3 screens in HD.

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The General4248d ago

i like the halo franchise, but i'm still not going to be convinced that this game is going to blow our minds graphically until the final version is released. Gears of War has set the bar high graphically and many games have yet to dethrone it. Gameplay on the other hand is still questionable. We do know that it will be as good as Halo 2's gameplay but will it be better is the question that the final version of Halo 3 will answer on release.

FordGTGuy4248d ago

You could've atleast used newer screenshots.

GrooveChampion4248d ago

These may be old to you, but they seem to be new to everyone else. I think these were only just put up on

IBLEEDBLU4248d ago

buddy get over it - the graphics arent getting any better man

your gonna be the first guy when this crappy game is released that im gonna throw it back in your ugly face..

its in the BETA testing rite now so that means that they are testing out the gameplay of the game - BETA's arent meant for graphic improvements..

HALO 3 will be a joke and i recommend u sell ur ford if u have one as well because just like MS ford is garbage - stick with honda or VW ewww who would buy anything american lol oh ya sell ur shoebox360 for a PS3 while ur at it

JasonPC360PS3Wii4248d ago

I'm going to bookmark this comment and when the game comes out if your still here I'm going to use it to slap the hell out of you everyday on N4G.

Lygre4248d ago

Why is there always so many people complaining about the graphics in almost every game? Alot of people complained about the Forza 2 shots we saw a few months ago, even weeks. But now it looks really great.

The same goes for Halo 3. Even when ppl know it was a pre alpha video we got to see before, ppl cried about the graphics. And the game isn't done for months to come. On May 16th we'll get to play the beta and see how the graphics and the gameplay and everthing is...and even from then it will be improved before the game is out later this year.

Please stop complaining about that's months away from completion.