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Noby Noby Boy moves 100,000 units, bowels

Joystiq writes: "You might say that. But then we'd turn right around and remind you: That means that there are 100,000 people on this beautiful planet who said "Oh, a game about a four-legged worm-like thing that eats things and poops as he collaborates with other worm-like things on interplanetary travel? That's definitely something I'd like to spend the money that I've earned on". (Noby Noby Boy, PS3)

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skynidas  +   1864d ago
Very impressive if you ask me
Milky  +   1864d ago
I thought this was meant to be fun?
Saaking  +   1864d ago
Very weird game...
colossi16  +   1864d ago
I bought it. Cheap and interesting.
Nomad1001  +   1864d ago
Good for it
Great title and good sales for a downloadable game.
Lifewish  +   1864d ago
impressive numbers indeed.. good for them
Fulensenca  +   1864d ago
Somewhere I have read that videogames are dead ...
Not sure if it' s true, but if it is it's player' s fault.

Nobynoby-Boy is an experimental game, they were trying to do something completly new. And they delivered a new experience, beyond genre, beyond goal, beyond displays on screen, points, levels and so on ...

And IMHO is a fun game, fresh and cheap.

Videogame' s industry can' t really grow up a lot -graphics apart- if we don' t support new concepts and ideas.

My suggestion is: if you are a Gamer do to yourself a favor: buy it.

This is what I think ;)

Ps: it sold rather good :D
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