Death, Jr II: Root of Evil PSP review

Death Jr is the kind of kid you absolutely do not want to get into a 'My dad is harder than your dad' playground exchange with. Unless, that is, you really don't get along with yours very well or, of course, if you happen to be Jesus.

This is the follow-up to one of the PSP's earliest releases, a game that acted as a showcase for the system's abilities due to its good looks and rich, bright characters. That first (slightly tired) platforming action game certainly exuded visual charm, but it was blighted by a painful camera, underdeveloped story and repetitive level design, meaning it never won players' hearts in quite the numbers it was reaching for.

This sequel feels immediately fresher, with an overhauled camera, more vibrant animations, and the introduction of a co-op ad hoc multiplayer mode to further sweeten the deal.

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