Design a Halo 3 Emblem

Design an emblem, and if it's the winner, your emblem design will be featured in the actual Halo 3 game.

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Diselage3914d ago

Granted this contest doens't require a lot of skill but if they're looking for user support and are having a "contest" they could at least throw in a copy of the game. It's not like they'll be taking a huge loss by throwing one grand prize of the legendary edition or at the very least the basic edition.

The BS Police3914d ago

I'm just gonna have trouble creating it.

Chexd3914d ago

shame its only open to USA & Canada.

and yeah i know what yuo mean about the copy of halo. But lets be honest, everyone who enters will have pre ordered it and have it on launch day...they wont wait 3 weeks for the prize copy to come but cool swag like signed would be good :D

power of Green 3914d ago

Just kidding guys don't bash me i way playing!.