Sony's Stock Rises 45 Percent Despite Problems.

After shares closed on Friday Sony's Stock had risen
to $53.48 a share. An increase of 45% in two years. Performing better then Walt Disney, Time Warner, and Comcast. Sony it seems to responsible for two-thirds of the 70 billion in sales in the year ended March 07...

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TriggerHappy4009d ago

and come this year Christmas or even after E3, their shares will increase greatly.

kingofps34009d ago

From this point on, I think, Sony’s stock price are just gonna keep increasing. Thanks to all the cost cutting measures Sony is taking with the PS3 and the excellent sales of their LCD displays. Also, Sony pictures is most likely going to win most market share this year as well.

Apocalypse Shadow4009d ago

time for them to start making hand over fist money beginning with spiderman3.

XxZxX4009d ago

I dont think investor see it as problem.

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The story is too old to be commented.