Quantum Theory Vs Gears Of War

As we patiently await the anticipated PS3 exclusive, Quantum Theory... which will soon to be released early next year.


At the end of the story the developer EPIC is ment to be stated instead of capcom.....but most of you probably knew that...

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Hellsvacancy2990d ago

Y cant a game just stand on its own and not hav 2 b compared wid other titles

ultimolu2990d ago


I swear, this is so stupid to be honest.

Dread2989d ago (Edited 2989d ago )

I agree

this is unnecessary.

It only creates undue pressure and expectations, and gives fuels to the fanboys.

If the game ends up being worse than Gears then people will say its sucks. Even if the game is amazing in its own rights.

similar to what happened to Killzone 1 and Halo 2.

too bad.

anh_duong2989d ago (Edited 2989d ago )

please no.. no more comparisons.. this generation of gaming will be remembered less for people playing game but more for people comparing them..

comparisonitis disease seems to have afflicted the majority of gaming journalists this generation

mastiffchild2989d ago

God! How lazy are these articles getting? We had the two part farce of the ODST/MAG comparison last week and this time round we're comparing another unreleased game though, at least, with one we've played!

There's a palette similarity and the bylky lead looks a bit Gearsy but that's where it, and Yecmo's admitted inspration from Gears ends, imo.

We have NO idea how this plays beyond being aware that both games have a cover susyem and are third person shooters(so why no Kill/Switch or MGS comparisons?). We don't know what mopdes, what the story's like or if there are any real areas where the games overlap.

Can't we just judge QT on it's own merits rather than insisting Tecmo's first ever game in the genre(and one which promises female NPC sidekicks, bladed weapon attacks and more melee fighting than Gears)be more original than the game we're comparing it to? There's also a distinct Art Nouveau flavour to QT's backgrounds not present in Gears and as Gears wears it's influences so very well itself maybe that could end up the biggest similarity when QT is released.

Right this minute, however, we have NOTHING bar screenshots to base our comparison upon so why bother? In the end they aren't even in direct competition as they exist on different latforms and aren't releasing anywhere near one another so the only people needing to choose would be late Gears adopting dual console owners! How many folk with a 360 haven't bught Gears yet-if they like the game anyway?

Pointless, fruitless article-just as bad as the last Halo/MAG one.

saimcheeda2989d ago

lets just play the game why keep pairing it!i was tired of all the prototype vs infamous crap too

KRUSSIDULL2989d ago (Edited 2989d ago )

WTF aka lol Im laughing this is just some random person spiting out flame bait to the fanboys please report this.

Xistan2989d ago

that approve this article and still complain...

Why do you approve it then? stop approving crap articles...

Poopface the 2nd2989d ago (Edited 2989d ago )

I remember an article from them which said something like halo 3 only sells because a lack of games on 360. If that was the case it still wouldnt explain the over 9 million sales. This site is fanboy trash, and shouldnt be getting through this "N4G crap filter" that supposedly exists.

Its bad enough to compare games constantly. But comparing a game taht they have never played to gears(which they probably never played either) is stupid and desperate.

Why not just do a preview of the game instead of trying to make it some sort of competition. THE GAME ISNT OUT YET, DONT COMPARE IT WITH ONES THAT ARE> it makes you look like a complete moron.

They even wrote CAPCOM INSTEAD OF EPIC. Shows you how clueless they are about games, and gaming journalism.

2989d ago

if ninja blade was considered a "rip off" of ninja gaiden (in which any case they don't even play like each other)

then i don't see why quantum theory shouldn't be seen as a copy of gears. (at least those two games share the same camera and battle mechanics)

ThanatosDMC2989d ago (Edited 2989d ago )

I bet this game will suck. A copycat is never as good as the original. Just like every game that copied Devil May Cry... they try too hard. Also, it's Tecmo. Shooter game + Tecmo = ???

Five bucks there'll be some ninja moves or a ninja enemy or something ninja on here.

likedamaster2989d ago

...what is up with journalism and the spell checker these days?

"...Epic is MENT to be stated instead of capcom."

Wtf? Fail.

BkaY2989d ago

joker: and here...we.....go..

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sinncross2990d ago

What Quantum Theory needs is co-op. I;d be shocked and disappointed if Tecmo leave it as a solo single player campaign only, especially when the game utilizes two characters working together.

kaveti66162989d ago

I saw in an interview where one of the devs was talking about the two characters working together and the interviewer asked if there was going to be co-op and the developer got all nervous and said the girl was a AI or something.

crs3532990d ago

it looks good iv wanted it ever scence i saw it like a year ago. to bad gears wouldnt come to ps3 to tho. good game

Ju2989d ago

What's so special about Gears? Have to force myself to finish that on the PC and its certainly not enough to convince me to look for the second part. So, what's so special about Gears ? I don't get it. Quantum can only be better. ...

dirthurts2989d ago

I still play it a few times a week (the only multiplayer I play). Big fan of it myself.
Most people like it, but not for everyone.
This game looks fun too. We'll see. : )

HammockGames2989d ago

Personally, I love the shooting mechanics and overall feel of Gears, and I also like the graphics (perhaps not the very best around, but pretty nifty looking nevertheless). I dig it so much I played Gears 1 on both PC and 360 and I'm going through Gears 2 again (lost track of how many times now).

Quantum will have a high standard to live up to as far as measuring up to Gears. I hope it does, but it won't be easy.