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Debut Trailer for Lunar: Silver Star Harmony

The first trailer for the Lunar PSP remake. (Lunar: Harmony of Silver Star, Lunar: Silver Star Harmony, PSP)

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Timesplitter14  +   1877d ago
Lunar SSS was my favorite old-school JRPG ever

I can't wait for this. And the soundtrack was absolutely stellar
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Xandet  +   1877d ago
I hear ya..
Any thought holding me back from buying a PSP has now been forgotten.. the Lunar games hold a very special place in my heart. I remember beating L2:EBC years ago and trying my best to hold back a whole slew of emotions (because of the games ending and the fact that the game was over). I never got enough time with SSS, so this is a definite day one. Hopefully if the game sells well enough they'll remake L2 next.
SaiyanFury  +   1877d ago
I have both of the Working Designs games from my original PlayStation and now I can play it on the go? Day 1 buy for me. Everything about these games screams awesome. From the detailed sprites, to the great voice acting, to the beautiful music. If you're an RPGamer, then you owe it to yourself to get this one. And it's sequel if it comes.
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sakuragi  +   1877d ago
Man the soundtrack of this game is awesome. Will buy this game for the soundtrack alone.
BigMassacre  +   1877d ago
Day one.
Xephon08  +   1877d ago
Totally agree with you on this, Lunar to go is about the best news about an rpg i got lately. God now i can't wait for this game, tho it would have been nice to release it as a PSN download to play on the PS3 and PSP
karlowma  +   1877d ago
I love this game - had the original on Sega CD and then SSS:Complete on PSX - but, how many times are they going to re-release it? Not sure its simplicity will fly with today's audiences.

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