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DMC 4 same on both consoles

Devil May Cry 4 producer Hiroyuki Kobayashi has said that Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 versions of the game will be "pretty much identical".

"As far as the Xbox [360] and the PS3 are concerned, the capabilities and the features in the game we expect will be the same," Kobayashi told IGN. "Our plan is to pretty much make them identical." (Devil May Cry 4, PS3, Xbox 360)

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THE TERMINATOR  +   2914d ago
Holding back the PS3 just to cater for the inferior 360 is just annoying
gta_cb  +   2914d ago
hahaha! funny, just woundering if your a little boy who loves the IDEA of having a PS3 (with your lovely 1 bubble!) or an imature grown up who doesnt want to face facts that there identicle because at the moment they just cant make it better on the PS3 compared to the XBox 360!

(wanna say that i am not saying either of them are better then the other, i just get annoyed by stupid fanboys!)
pbo2m3  +   2914d ago
you're retarded if that is what you believe. And then the Sony fanboys always say that its the xbots that start the flaming.
gta_cb  +   2914d ago
@ conan

well you never know, as developers have said that the Cell Processor is "difficult" to program for, so MAYBE! there holding back the XBox 360 version to spend more time on the PS3... im not saying this is true but you DONT know what is going on and your a typical fanboy!

dude you REALLY need to know that i wasnt saying that either one IS better i was just saying my bit to cannon that he doesnt know, and the fact he has 1 bubble is a sure sign that he needs to come out with NON fanboy comments, i mean seriously his comment, there is NO way you can say its NOT fanboyish!

your comment could easily be taken as fanboy aswell

"Just give it away to da xbots peoples 'cause they need more good games....doesnt matter if it is good or not they will take anything...just more games for xbox lol"

the more games either console has the better, so they can reach out to a wider range of customers, so yeh the more the better, but dont think that Sony doesnt want loads of games so that bit of your comment could be said about the PS3 soon as though they have less games then the 360.
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kingofps3  +   2914d ago
Agree conan
I agree, conan, that it is annoying and just wrong. The PS3 has got Blu-ray, CELL, RSX, and some 7,8 SPUs something. Lets see if DMC5 makes it to the XBOX 360 (the PS3 version is a given).
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Counter_ACT  +   2914d ago
Yeah, I know. :(

And gta_cb below: The DMC4 graphics suck. Look out square it is.


^ sorry but that hair looks awful


and look at the trigger and his thumb. Im not impressed at all. The gameplay looks excellent though so im hoping it doesnt let me down.
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daomay  +   2914d ago
true that
A friend of my was in japan holidayin...he got to try out the DMC4 demo

He said it was nothing special....maybe he is right

Campc+nt do'nt very give a fuk about the ps3 they just want to sale more games for all console...

They know this game is gonna be crap....

they got HS and NGE to compete agianst....

Just give it away to da xbots peoples 'cause they need more good games....doesnt matter if it is good or not they will take anything...just more games for xbox lol
PhinneousD  +   2914d ago
@ counter act and daomay
u pussies are riCOCKulous. cry me something fierce, boo-hoo it's coming to xbox, who gives a damn. reject a game and bash it after it's sharing the love to ms? oh my friend of a friend's cousin played it in japan... boo hoo. sthu. you give ps fans a bad name. shallow short-sighted nimrods you guys are.
JasonPC360PS3Wii  +   2914d ago
Just like they were holding back on FEAR, Splinter Cell DA, Madden, Call of Duty 3, Need for Speed Carbon, Marvel Ultimate Alliance, NBA 2K7, Fight Night R3, Tony Hawk's Project 8, Tiger Woods PGA Tour 07 and more to come

Its the other way around bro 360 is tired of holding back for you and your consoles BS and so are the Devs.
r1000  +   2914d ago
Ok... thats good news for everyone... now lets keep it moving....
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pbo2m3  +   2914d ago
My statement was for conan not gta
gta_cb  +   2914d ago
cheers dude, for a second i did wounder lol
kingofps3  +   2914d ago
Same? Identical? The Definition Please
""As far as the Xbox [360] and the PS3 are concerned, the capabilities and the features in the game we expect will be the same,"". So, they really don't know what one console can really do? I wonder who is in charge of the game... the developers or the consoles :)
Ban Me  +   2914d ago
Not as annoying as you're ill-informed, biased, fanboy comments.

I bet you were one of the 10,000 loosers who signed the petition to stop Capcom releasing this on the 360.

Hold back the tears mate, and while you're at it look up the dictionary defintion of the word "identical".

Anyway, this game is shaping up to be great on both consoles. I must say I'm very much looking forwards to it's release.

@ GTA, deadly serious mate. Some Sony fanboy got so hurt and upset at the prospect of Capcom releasing this on the 360 that they started an online petition about it. He then managed to get another 10,000 or so fanboys to sign it! I think Capcom's reply was something along the line of "we're touched"... aw, bless.
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gta_cb  +   2914d ago
you serious?

"I bet you were one of the 10,000 loosers who signed the petition to stop Capcom releasing this on the 360."

i didnt think anyone would be soo... stupid into trying to stop developers making money so they can release more good games for both or 1 console! its lame and stupid, and well lol i doubt if millions signed it they would have stopped, especially when they have said the money is in multi patform! ohwell thats fanboys for you.

ok your a little bit harder to understand...
your comment "Just look at you two bash, yet "HE" is the fanboy, right!? not you's? You's are obviously fanboys yourselves. Talk about the pot calling the kettle black. All you fanboys are disgusting."

would indicate that i have made a really bad comment like "the PS3 will never have any good games, the graphics will be sh!t and the XBox 360 will completely outdue the PS3 ALL the time..." but i didnt, infact the person i was saying is a fanboy came out with this "Holding back the PS3 just to cater for the inferior 360 is just annoying"

now because the fact he has 1 bubble is kinda a give away that he IS a fanboy! now if you read ANY of my comments on here at ANY time since i have joined (this is my 1 and only profile) you will NOT be able to find me saying anything about either console being rubbish or anything like that, i like the 360 especially for the online play, i like that PS3, now i HAVE said something like the PS3 is overpriced, and well it is as i was able to get a premium with 4 games and a recharger pack which you can recharge while you play for £350!

BUT when the PS3 comes down in price i would very much like to buy one, but i am not paying £400+ for JUST the console... sorry but as i am a student i can not afford this with all the other things in my life like going out with mates etc.

now just one more thing confuses me about you dude, which is that you have 1 bubble... which will come across as a fanboy, BUT i do read a comment before commenting on that person, so as you was saying i am a fanboy i viewed your profile and i see your XBox 360 gamertag... so yeh i dont know what to think about YOU but i can say without a doubt cannon IS a fanboy and i would DEFF like to think that i am NOT but hey everyone has there diff opinions so yeh i look forward to another convo with you soon
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dantesparda  +   2914d ago
Just look at you two bash, yet "HE" is the fanboy, right!? not you's? You's are obviously fanboys yourselves. Talk about the pot calling the kettle black. All you fanboys are disgusting.

Anyways, there are afew things that bother me about part 4.
1.) Why not just use Dante, if you're gonna make such a look alike? it doesnt make sense, and is quite stupid in my opinion.
2.) More sarcastic than Dante? is that even possible?
StrboyM  +   2914d ago
Im upset
Im actually upset that its identical, Im sure they could of squeezed out lots of differences using either systems strenghts. and those of you who think this is a goood thing, are actually supporting a lazy company, thats making a lazy game. im not saying "dont" multiplatform it. just put all the juice you can into it...they didnt...it wont be better than NGS.
kewlkat007  +   2914d ago
Well Well Well
" just put all the juice you can into it...they didnt...it wont be better than NGS. "

I'm happy for you have come to the conclusion that, not every game by will be created equal. Now since it won't be better than NGS, just don't purchase the damn game and quite whining. wa Wa Waaaaa

I didn't think I would be able to purchase this game, since it was a PS3 exclusive, now I wil be getting it. Gamers enjoy for your console of choice.
Satanas  +   2914d ago
I don't think it'll be better than NGS either, but not because it's multi-plat (I'm sure it will be good in that aspect for both systems), but because the AI isn't really good. That is my main concern. Graphically I'm fine with the game.
solidt12  +   2914d ago
@ gta_cb - Actually it is the opposite. The 360's lack of a hardrive in every machine is holding back third party devolopers from making games better. If the PS3 starts to outsell the 360 then there may end up being more PS3 exclusive games.
Hayabusa 117  +   2914d ago
wrong post.
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Bhai  +   2914d ago
DMC-4 restrained by 360 just as GTA-IV...proved again !
Being identicle means,
-no 1080p
-no motion sensing
-compromised game assets(to fit into 7.9 GB...even when DMC 3 was about 6 GBs on PS2)

If the above features aren't there in PS3 version, the game is clearly restrained just as GTA-IV has been due to 360: just one city, no planes, and its a doubt that the player might not even swim !!! When GTA:SA was on a dual-layer disc on PS2/Xbox, how can a next-gen GTA fit into the very same space...either content has been restrained or quality is low...and we know that the content has been restrained. Same happens to DMC4. Microsoft is to blame for making Xbox1.5, which has become a hurdle in true next-gen offerings...they are just 'milking' their fooled fanbase with just compromisable titles!

Although if the above features ARE in the PS3 version...they aren't exactly identical...EVERYBODY AGREES !
Ban Me  +   2914d ago
The 360 can do 1080p and disk space is NOT an issue!

When will you people stop believing the Sony PR machine and face facts?

you're machine is not as good as you have been lead to believe, and now you're trying to trash the 360 to make yourself feel better. At least that's the impression I get from the comments (so if that's not true then you've only got yourself to blame for portraying that image)

Also, for all the song and dance about 1080p then tell me why Motorstorm is only 720p?

I bet you dont even have a big enough TV to notice the difference between any of the HD resolutions anyway... you're just spouting what you've read some other ill-informed fanboys say.
daomay  +   2914d ago
ban me
Have u ever watch casino Royal on a TRUE HD SONY XBRAVIA 8====>50inch LCD with the PS3....it is fuking amazing....and againt have you seen GT demo in 1080p on the da SONY XBRAVIA 8========> 50inch LCD....

Well I have da a PS3 that shiity a$$ SONY XBRAVIA 50inch TV...Its not just a big a$$ TV...it is the mother of all LCD at the moment.....

once u go 1080p with the da ps3 and 1080p True HD TV u will never want go back to Aanalog TV ever again....

I show one of my Wii friend NGE demo on my LCD...he almost shiiit himself....but he coulnt shiiit himself cause he had da Wii remote stuck up his a$$....lol

Da ps3 is the future and I hoping to be part of it :-)
bamdad  +   2914d ago
Ban Me
dude, just stop bein a smart a$$. you know that PS3 is way more powerful than the xbox. just accept its powers as we accept xbox as a lighter console with more costumers
Satanas  +   2914d ago
Um, the game is confirmed to be 1080p/60fps FYI. So I don't see what the complaining is for.
SlippyMadFrog  +   2913d ago
This is Sad!!
Can anyone please give practical evidence where the PS3 is more powerfull than the XBox360? All that I have seen is multi platform games where the Xbox360 came out on top. The actual fact is that the Xbox360's GPU has the slight edge over the PS3's GPU while the PS3's CPU has the slight edge over the Xbox360's CPU.
N4G is a great site but as soon as you hit the comments page you start to realise the ignorance and childishness. The article states that the game will be the same on both consoles, strange that this turns into a mud slinging match with no proof, like a group of 6 year olds yelling crap at each other at a playground. Disk space have nothing to do with graphics, if someone tells you differently then he is lying. The game isn't held back by any console, why would anyone think the game is held back in the first place?
Looking at the first comment on this page by Conan, I would say that this fanboy war is a way for people to get attention. Best way is to ignore people bashing other consoles, maybe it will stop. Looking at his one bubble, I would say that he is desperately looking for attention.
I am realy tired of this, people must realize that the performance of the PS3 and Xbox360 is virually the same, stop saying the one is better than the other.
snakeater3  +   2914d ago
Premonition  +   2914d ago
Let me get this right
If im correct someone posted an article mid last month about Devil May Cry 4 confirmed at 1080p at 60fps for PS3, now we get this news about them both being the same which A. Means the 360 version will be 1080p at 60fps, or B. They screwed the PS3 users over by lowering it to 720p because the other console had problems with. Could be either or, I just wanna know the truth and not the same old crap, because when you look at it if a console has limitations it will hold back the other who can better approve on it. Oh and ya im waiting for someone to respond to this lol.
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PS360PCROCKS  +   2914d ago
my god I can't even comment on most articles as it's full of a bunch of immature idiots totally getting off track from the actual premise of the story. It's utterly ridiculous sometimes.
Syko  +   2914d ago
What the hell happened to this place ?! It's full of grammatical midgets and special people.... You're the first face I've recognized in a while. Oh well, time to find a new place to shoot the $hit and kill time.

Also your point was further proven by the 3 idiots that disagreed with your post. I wonder how many I will get, LOL.
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PS360PCROCKS  +   2914d ago
Yea...seriously 3 people disagreed with me, why? I know I hardly see anyone I know around here anymore from like when the xbox first released. What's your gamertag?
Syko  +   2914d ago
My Gamertag
is: Syko 360, Not to hard to remember =P
Hayabusa 117  +   2914d ago

So, Capcom say DMC4 will be indentical on both systems and Sony fanboys take it to mean the PS3 version will be downgraded so it can be ported to the 360...

Here's an idea, why don't Capcom make the downgraded 360 version, and add all they can for the PS3 version? Maybe it's because they can't. because they don't want to invest 100s of man hours and millions of dollars just so they can stick 1080p on the back of the game case. And because it's so easy, and cheap, to take a complicated PS3 code and run on a console with more than twice the install base of the PS3, that they figure they might as well do that.
BrainDead  +   2914d ago
all i see in here are fanboys.

To jenzo true.
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InMyOpinion  +   2914d ago
Correction, illiterate fanboys.
socomnick  +   2914d ago
the capabilities of both systems are nearly identical would you guys shut up about the xbox holding the ps3 back cause man I own both systems and I havent touched my ps3 in atleast 3 weeks while the xbox is used daily.
Premonition  +   2914d ago
So your saying its impossible to hold another system back?http://n4g.com/News-35664.aspx
Xbox360 and PS3 are the biggest kids on the block, you got everyone watching these 2 guys battle, One does have the upper hand though and thats the PS3 ( Dont throw a issy fit) with its Blu ray, as you know things like 1080p take up disc space, if Devil May cry 4 is around 12GB or more, which I doubt because the xbox360 DVD 9 only allows 8GB-9GB I believe (someone correct me) then yes it will hold back the PS3 version, which if you didnt know was the leading platform for this game. Also like I said in my earlier post it was confirmed the PS3 version was running at 1080p and at 60fps:
now if for whatever reason they cant keep it at that, then I have the 360 to blame, but if the 360 can do the 1080p and 60fps then thats good for both consoles. I mean there has to be some sort of trade off for people to decide which console they will be buying the game for, first off the 360 would have the advantage since it will of course most likely will have achievement points, so in this case both games as the dev said arent really identical or the same, now if the 360 gets their award system PS3, should be allowed to have something as well, such as that 1080p 60FPS.
And im sorry to say but from a regular gamer point of view and not a fan boys point of view, call it what you want, but the devs will never say something that will hurt the other business because it will then hurt them back with relations, for example, if a game developer were making a platformer for only PS3 and 360, the devs wont make the PS3 with more content, because it would make the 360 look bad since it cant fit every thing on that disc, ya theres compression but compression is just a cheap way around things like it or not. So at the end of the day both will have to look the same, devs wont say "You know what Microsoft to tell you the truth your disc space is to small and its actaully holding us back from expanding the game from what we first wanted when we first went through the thinking process of making this game". No they wont say that because it will hurt their relationship with that company and everyone knows Microsoft has the money, but as you can see from a 1st party or 2nd party situation, you can see PS3 games are looking bigger and better, and probably will look greater in the future as devs have the freedom to do whatever with all that space.
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drtysouf21  +   2914d ago
I have all 3 systems and right now the Wii is starting to collect dust my 360 is used to watch the movies i rent from netflix that are only on HD-DVD and not on Blu-ray and my PS3 is played constantly.
Whoooop  +   2914d ago
I dont see the mayor problem here..
If the 360 nor the PS3 is going to have extra content, much better visuals or better gameplay, then what's the problem..

360 owners will enjoy it on their platform and so are we on the PS3. If you have both, flip a coin..

I understand disappointment in DMC faithful series lovers if the game feels incomplete cause of their decision to go multiplatform.

The game will be released, the game will be fun and DMC lovers are going to enjoy it despite what platform you own..

Just forget bout sh*tty articles like this one..

Pardon Ma English.
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Whoooop  +   2914d ago
What i dont get is..
Fanboys from both camps, specially from our camp (PS3) :P .. Talking bout 1080p this and 1080p that and how the game got cripple cause it got downgraded to 720p..

I bet 90% of fanboys who constantly rant bout 1080p have a 22" Standard Tv and have no idea what the difference between 1080p is from 1080i and 720p..

I have a 37" Visio hdtv and i won't be able to see the difference between 1080p and 720p.. 720p looks gorgeous and if one thing i have to agree with MS is that 720p IS the sweet spot right now..

Forget about the 1080p and hope for a great 720p visual with even greater gameplay.. That's It.

Sorry for the post after another.
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Premonition  +   2914d ago
Just reply to me then?
You need to do your research ya 720p is good butttttt it goes like this 1080p>720p>1080i and again not everyones eye sight are the same.
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ElementX  +   2914d ago
Maybe I'm wrong, I've never played DMC, but isn't it a LINEAR game???? If a DVD doesn't hold all the data, put the 2nd half of the game on another DVD. Don't give us this BS about Bluray being necessary and the 360 holding it back.

I can see in the case of possibly GTA where it's an open game and yes, maybe it would be necessary to have an open-ended game on one disc but linear games don't require it. You don't have to visit the beginning level over and over again.
Premonition  +   2914d ago
Read better
Never said Blu ray was necessary, I was just point out it has an advantage, and if you dont truely see that from a consumers point of view I cant help you there.
ElementX  +   2914d ago
I'm not referring to your comments specifically, just those of conan and the other people who seem to think the 360 sucks and games have to be downgraded to meet specifications.
SDS Gamerfiend  +   2914d ago
The 360
Is getting a Blurry ps3 port!
BrainDead  +   2914d ago
evidence of this or is this just a fanboy wet dream of yours.
razer  +   2914d ago
It's no more fanboy wet dreamish then the latest PS3tard comments of the 360 is holding back the PS3. Talk about grasping at straws.

I bring this up constantley as to why do the 360 versions of the multi-console releases always score better? If it is in fact holding the PS3 back then all the scores should be in favor of the PS3. I'm just not buying the dillusion that it's holding anything back. I will just wait till these games come out to make final judgement and owning both consoles makes this easy to do.
marionz  +   2913d ago
sad but true
the 360 version will be the one held back by ps3
it sucks that 360 owners will have to put up with bad textures and probably lighting too due to the ps3 cr@p memory limitations, atleast the colour should be better on 360
guys stop saying the ps3 is way more powerfull then the 360 we all know thats BS, the N64 was way more powerfull then the PS1 but because the N64 didnt have enough memory it could never use its true power
same with the ps3, dont be fooled by the cell, it cant do cr@p without the memory to back it up
long live the Nps3
ThaGeNeCySt  +   2914d ago
what's all the anger for?
BubblesDAVERAGE  +   2914d ago
Well FActs
I remember when they said the "devil arm or bringer " was only capable on ps3 and it would be used frequently but now since it went multi plat from they stated that you wouldn't be able to use it as much. (I don't think DMC will be any better than the old ones same ole same ole.
testerg35  +   2914d ago
So when DMC4 was an "exclusive" for the PS3, the fanboys were shouting how great it was. So now that its also coming for the 360, you're telling me that Capcom rewrote and held back the PS3 version so that its the same as the 360 version? Them evil bastards! Time for you guys to get some more signatures. [/sarcasm]

If you don't like the game then don't buy it! Simple as that.
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bamdad  +   2914d ago
wow dude
ppl complain cause the game's been downgraded. no more sixaxis & the graphics just havent improved much. thats the problem here
Anego Montoya FTMFW  +   2914d ago
space matters.
i don`t understand how anyone can say space doesn`t matter.

we`ve gone from cards to cartridges.
cartridges to cd`s.
Cd`s to dvd`s.
dvd`s to bluray.
it`s a natural pattern.
new system needs new storage media(the only one that didn`t change was dreamcast)

if space really doesn`t matter...
why aren`t we still using cartridges or cd`s?

can anyone deny this pattern has happened everytime? NO.
don`t lie to yourself storage matters ALOT.
Jamaicangmr  +   2914d ago
Sad, just sad.
This really does sound like he's holding back the PS3 in this instance though. He said they are tryin to make both versions identical then he goes on to say they will use the PS3's tilt to do lil things like flip switches "Nothing spectacular" Now come on maybe it's just me but that does sound like the PS3 is gettin held back in order for their to be not much difference between the two.

Another thing the developer sayin that theirs nothing spectacular about how they utilized the PS3's controller really doesn't give me the push to pick this game up. Why would a developer state that there is "Nothing Spectacular" about any aspect of his own game? Capcom just seems to be moving towards EA style of game development, which is sad because Capcom was a gamers developer now they are fallin fast.
Hayabusa 117  +   2914d ago
That's because there's "nothing spectacular" about the tilt function.
darthkojima  +   2914d ago
this is interesting.. I wonder if capcom is being payed of by M$ bigtime? hmm.. Anyway the series went downhill after DMC1. No one can match the duo Shinji Mikami and Hideki Kamiya's talent.. they are the seeds.
dominusbellum  +   2912d ago
dude i agree with you that dmc 1 was feakin great the 2nd one was meh but the 3rd one was far greater than the 1st one the cutscenes the availability of the weapons and seeing how dante started just seemed to be a whole lot cooler to me then the first one
Jamaicangmr  +   2914d ago
Actually Anego Montoya.....
@ Anego Montoya, the Dreamcast actually did change it used gigabit CD's which holds 1gb or 1.2gb of data CD's hold 700MB. So i just wanted to add that to your point.
LONEWOLF231  +   2914d ago
kingofps3 - 1 Hour ago

1.4 - Agree conan
I agree, conan, that it is annoying and just wrong. The PS3 has got Blu-ray, CELL, RSX, and some 7,8 SPUs something. Lets see if DMC5 makes it to the XBOX 360 (the PS3 version is a given).
----------------------------- ------------------------------- ------------------------------- ------------------------------- ------------------------------- ------------------------------- -----------------------------

Have you honestly listened to your BS lately??????

Blu-Ray wont make the game look better or worse!
The CELL is a tad bit better than the 360 CPU it has been proven by other Developers before. And the RSX is based on a 2 year old GPU by NVIDIA, thats why it has a Hard time Rendering FSAA and HDR lighting.

The 360 has the upper hand when it comes to the ease of Development cause developers can Exploit its power easier than the PS3 and the GPU code named Xenos is at least 5x more powerful than the RSX.
I mean come on Xenos has 64 shader piplelines, The RSX has 24 pipelines. The Xenos has 10mb of Edram that takes care of the FSAA and HDR on the fly without stressing the GPU itself.
kingofps3  +   2914d ago
"Blu-Ray won’t make the game look better or worse!" I completely disagree to that Mr.LONEWOLF231. There is up to 50GB of space for developers to put detailed hi-res textures etc with the Blu-ray into the game (as opposed to mostly 720P textures or whatever on 9GB DVD). Also, what about the sound quality and the space requirement for HD sound, oh that right 360 does not support HD sound.
"The 360 has the upper hand when it comes to the ease of Development"---> how difficult can it be to make an average game, but quality comes with a price. "Xenos is at least 5x more powerful than the RSX" and where did you get that one from? Son, step into the real world.
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power of Green  +   2914d ago
This is why i never understood why people compared Lost Planet with DMC4 there not even in the same ball park. DMC4 has no Multi player maps and is linear as hell space has nothing to do with anything. If anything the PS3 is holding the 360 version back, the 360 has nothing to do with how much the PS3 can display on acreen at once at any given time.

No one has reported playing through the hole game saying its short and the gameplay has nothing to do with anything other than what choices the devs made. Like a said Ninja Gaiden on the Xbox had more complex gameplay for an action game.

First you Sony fans were saying DMC4 on the PS3 looks great and it's at 1080p 60fps and the 360 wouldn't be on par now that its being pointed out that its over hyped and that its going to be the same; its being held back by the 360?. lol

Somebody said it will run better on PS3", all charectors do in this game is slash things that offer themself to be attacked whats so taxing about that on any! hardware?.

I'm dont know if i'm still going to buy it or just rent it based on what i'v been hearing.

#28 that could mean anything like the moded DualShock(6 thingy)control. You guys keep saying if it was exclusive to the PS3 it would look different, its amazing that you people have not realized that the 360 is graphicly more powerful.
#27 (Edited 2914d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
Jamaicangmr  +   2914d ago
@ Power of Green
It could be looked at from both ends of the spectrum but based on the what the developer stated it's much easier to draw a conclusion that they are limiting the PS3 in order to achive the same game right across. We will never know how it might have looked on the PS3 if it where still exclusive. However with the developers comment we can safly say that they restricted the control (Atleast that) of the PS3 in order to no give one the edge over the other. All this after they claimed they were gonna used both systems to there full potential.
urban bohemian  +   2914d ago
If any developer has a record of making good games on any console at any resolution its Capcom:

Resident Evil 4 (ported to 3 formats and looking amazing on all), Devil May Cry, Killer 7 (2 ports) Okami, Lost Planet (PC port coming), & Dead Rising. Who else would you wan developing this game on multiformat?!

Also anyone know what % of people have a 1080p TV?

Cheers boys
iNcRiMiNaTi  +   2914d ago
identical? who cares
will there be any content downloads?? whenever a game has downloadable content i find myself revisiting these games and playing it even more, making the game worth the price tag....

and whats with the "oh theyr holding back because this console is better than that console?"
- if the ps3 was really the sh*t, why are developers making previously "exclusive" ps3 titles, 360 titles??

- if the 360 was really the best console out there, why would microsoft have to make another one with things they said werent necessary??

all im saying is quit ur b!tching and play the fu**ing game....isnt that the reason we buy consoles and the games anyway??
kevin  +   2914d ago
ps3 defense secretary
once again there are very very very funny 180 and pc fans that dont understand how weak there 180's and pc's are i mean im really trying so hard not to have to post anymore on telling you that your 180 is weak and any computer you can build is weak but you talk trash that is really hopes you know how many of the posters on this site take crystal meth, or do you do speed are you paid by microsoft lonewolf or is it gaywolf, well anyway you have to have the funniest posts of all of this entire list you are funnier than martin lawrence, bernie mac, steve harvey, dl hugley, tyler perry, bruce bruce, and microsoft put together you said in so many statements that the 180s penos is more powerful and can do beyond anything that the ps3's RSX can do but maybe you aint the funniest one on the list there is another comedian that said that ps3 is holding 180 back let me tell you why i know that 180 is a weakling machine if the 180 was so strong then why did microsoft have to buy into ps3s exclusive titles, oh it had nothing to do with a low fanbase as you state, but i will tell you why they are trying there best to buy into original ps3 exclusives like grand theft auto you know i was wondering why the dmc 4 game stopped looking better after say the tokyo game show i'll tell you why because the 180 was added into the fraction, and the pc the game is held in a tight box because of the power zone of the 180 i dont know why they didnt wait until the 360 came out in 2010 and then make the game multiplatform but the game will not see the movie, cutscene quality graphics as they couldve thanks alot weakling 180 my GOD why does the 180 have to be so weak the idiot 180 fans judge games that are ported from the 180 and say they dont look as good, this may sound strange but maybe not but the games that are ported and multiplatform arent challenging the ps3 at all its like if i was fighting someone really weak, i wouldnt give it much effort would i? no, these titles are fighting the ps3 but they are to weak for next gen hardware thats why they dont show as good as on there native weakling machine.

You people that post and say that the 180 is in any way more powerful than the ps3 or close to as powerful as the ps3 or on any level of the ps3, then you must be inhaling petrolium how do you funny people expect the 180 to be anywhere near close to a machine that is greater than a supercomputer, you keep saying that the 180 is more powerful than the ps3 it is so annoying its like bush just keep on sending people to iraq, or a nat just steadily in your face, or a girl just talking trash right in your face and she has a motor mouth man get the dream outta your head, you are posting statements that are infact futile on the first 6 months of the gaming machine the ULTIMATE GAMING MACHINE that is and any that dont agree you will soon, if you still dont think it is just drown yourself and save yourself from your eyes of the games that will be availible in the future for the ps3 but anyway, in contrast first to the idiots that said that the penisnon was superior to the RSX, how? how do you know that you know everything about the RSX or the ps3 for that matter? you obviously dont so i will explain why the 180 and the pc are weak this time in comparison to this ingenious machine that sony built for the future the machine that will revolutionize games 3 times over

sorry but i have to do this again, you see 180 and pc fans come with trash talk and no proof but i have proof with back up proof where is theirs? nowhere, but here is why ps3s supercomputer is more powerful than the 180 all by itself this video is for all of you that say that the cell is really used for math equations and for physics this will shut you up completely:


this video is for all of you that say that the rsx is weak, you know even if RSX is weak (which it isnt) you dont realize the power of the synthesis and merger between the CELL and RSX so far we have only seen games using the two seperately and they are still impressive but the ps3 is built much different the GPU and the supercomputer can be merged this multiplies that power and performance of the normal specs on paper several, several times when the two are combined who knows what the specs are, ps3 is so powerful sony, NVIDIA, TOSHIBA, and IBM dont know the full extent of the vision of the 10 plus lifecyle will hold for the ps3s graphics but i assure you we will go b3yond 4d on the ps3.

ill explain the video for those of you that dont understand the amazing things done in these videos:

- video 1- was showing some of the power of what happens if cell and rsx were used in a merger but yet only a tech demo in an early stage of the ps3s lifecycle without edge tools i know now that killzone will not be the end by far of the ps3s graphics and games will come on ps3 that will completely make killzone look like metroid for snes.

- video 2- this video was incredible true photorealism rendered by only the cell processor (that outta be a stab in the heart for those of you that said that the cell doesnt do anything for graphics) and once again such early developement of the ps3s lifecycle.

- video 3- this video was shown to showcase more of what can be done with the cell and rsx merger amazing amount of processing power unheard of.

- video 4- this was a video was shown as a getaway tech demo using rsx and cell synthesis beautifully rendered in real time, but yet still only in ps3s infantry imagine when ps3 is fully grown it will be like bebi in dbz gt he started out as a powerful infant not as powerful as goku and trunks and pan but his growth rate and power growth was unheard of and at the end of the bebi saga became even more powerful than super saiyan 4 goku until goku was donated energy by the other z warriors.

another example of the never ending ps3 power:


this is just amazing in itself that fact that it is literally cutscene graphics in game just using an eytoy that is impressive considering it just being a tech demo both of them.

here is one more demo of the idiots that believe that resistance was not anything new, you are wrong there is much going on that you dont recognize when you are playing the game ill show you:


this will hopefully show you that if insomniac games had not of concentrated on showing so many physics and so many people on screen and online the game wouldve either looked as good or surpassed the trailer and crysis would not be the great delight that you base as the top of all games.

next is a showing of the intense processing power of the ps3 UNBELIEVABLE:


Yet and still ONLY a tech demo and so early in ps3s lifecycle

this is something that is in the future that is only possible by supercomputer power but thanks to the ps3s beyond supercomputer abilities it is made easy, although it is using 3 ps3s in later developement of the ps3 there will be full games on the ps3 dong this with only one ps3 and this was all rendered with only cell processors.

another tech demo that shows endless ps3 power:


just tech developement using an eyetoy and in early developement of hte ps3

another that shows the endless power of ps3 none stop:


i have nothing to say do you?

another showing of the ps3 power:


now this power just doesnt make any since




now this dont make no since rice-sis dont stand a shadow of a chance against this this is the CG translation to realtime that you dont understand that the ps3 is capable of and that seperates the ps3 from 180 and pc:




like i said the ps3 can render cutscene graphics in realtime



mind throbing power, and exellent graphics rendering with early ps3 developement



excellent realtime rendering cutscene level



the cg translation once again provided ONLY by the ps3

now i have plenty of other explanations i can tell you but i wont waste my time because pride hungry 180 and pc fans dont want the truth to sink in but i will tell you the reason why the ps3 can produce cg graphics in game also movie graphics and later 4d graphics:

1st- the ps3s power relies little on the RSX's memory but it accounts for something, you see the little Cell and Rsx merger that i mentioned earlier well its even deeper than that you see when these to are seperate they are still a beast and the sleeping beast still rest inside of the ps3 like NARUTOS Nine Tailed Fox when seperate:

- 1 RSX gpu
- 1 cell 9 seperate processors

when merged:

- 9 RSX gpus
- 1 cell 9 seperate processors but, now with an RSX equipped to each

this is why the ps3 will never max out duh and this is why the ps3 is even greater than a supercomputer, you see a supercomputer is a powerful cluster of machines that are capable on their own are able to generate those cg cutscenes you are always posting about but since the ps3 has one this is why the ps3 can with the CELL alone make killzone the trailer, sorry to say this but sony kinda overdid it when they made this machine they built it to make sure it wont be surpassed ok well a normal supercomputer has no gpu but the ps3 has a supercomputer and A hyper graphic chip this is one step past the supercomputer category, and the next step it took past a supercomputer is Blue Ray you may thank that it is useless and needless but, wrong wrong wrong ah think about it the ps3 has the ability to make cutscene graphics in game but why not take that even further with a movie format of the future that is HD fully this is what will definately enable the ps3 to dig into 4d let me let you in on why the ps3 is not going to really be making graphics but a new gen of video game vision rendering, reason why is that remember what i mentioned about RSX counting 9 times oh and i didnt mention that each processor moves at 3.2ghz that is nasty graphic rendering Rsx + 3.2ghz processor times 9 so say that the rsx could do 3 million polygons on screen, to put that into perspective crysis has a map with 2 million polygons but look say 3 million 9 times across 3.2ghz each the amount of polygons are inconceivable this is why the ps3 cannot do these multiplayer game well they are a joke for the ps3 to render, and for the record the idiots that said ps3 cant do crysis well which crysis, crysis 9 yeah that seems about right and for those of you that doubt ps3 can render cutscene graphics ingame heres a video for you in addition to railfan and duckies and many others that i have already posted:


again just a tech demo a full blown game at this proportion you may as well call it a moviegame.

just for the record to say that sony lied in anyway this time i dont think so there is to much proof this time, also to much on the line sony is banking their companies sucess on the ps3s sucess now if they lied then sony really has failed, also they have invested over 40 million dollars into the ps3 just for making the system not production that is far more than weaksoft invested into the 180 that is why it is a 180 and anything that you said that sony didnt deliver on like motorstorm well it is possible but just not without rumble and sony is not ready to release those graphics yet the games that seem impossible are all well within ps3s power to do but it will require developers money Money Money, time, and Manpower like guerilla games has done and you can guarantee the game has already surpassed the trailer think it takes money, time, effort, and manpower to produce the nice looking movie graphic renders and cg on these movies like the Incredibles, or the Hulk, or Fantastic 4, or even the movies that just have something CG in it but feature real people the ps3 has the means to do it, but it cant bring out its own power i dont blame developers somewhat but thats only because sony built a machine that is ahead of our time as their minds increase so will ps3s games depth, physics, and ultimately graphics and gameplay to a whole new platue

##? (Edited 2914d ago ) | Agree(4) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
consolewar  +   2913d ago
Kevin LMAO....
at you.

Can't you just say 360 sucks Ps3 rules. You are trying too hard.
razer  +   2913d ago
haha fanboys are soooo funny! This dude typed more than the whole damn article. Like an animal backed into the corner he just starts spewing marketing BS. Hey Mr. Defense Secretary how is the air up Sony's ass?

I let the next-gen(sorry Wii) numbers speak for themselves. #1 Xbox360 #2 PS3

This is all you need to know.. I know the truth hurts.. But if you buy both then you don't have to worry about it.
marionz  +   2913d ago
kev kev kev...
what a fanboy nerd
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