Exclusive: EA Playground

Electronic Arts will later this week officially announce a brand new title for Nintendo's next-generation consoles. The game, tentatively titled EA Playground, is developed by EA Canada and is set for a fall release on both Wii and DS. Each version will take advantage of the unique attributes of the systems to deliver multiplayer-enhanced experiences inspired by such titles as Wii Sports. IGN recently chatted with EA Playground's executive producer, Dave McCarthy, to learn more.

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Bigmac5734006d ago

but the 5million 10 year olds who own the Wii will love it.

ITR4006d ago

Why do you comment anymore?

risk4006d ago a PS1.5 title :S

SmokeyMcBear4006d ago

wow.. games that can actually be fun to play.. and nothing more.. is that what a game is supposed to be? I will most likely be getting this for my nieces and nephews.. they will have a blast playing this game.

ItsDubC4006d ago

I feel sorry for those who judge a book by its cover. Everyone knows that Sonic on the PS3 and 360 looks better than Sonic on the Genesis, but guess which console has the superior Sonic game.