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Submitted by ThePioneer 2375d ago | screenshot

Real Life vs. Gran Turismo: Corvette ZR1

It's always fun to compare real-life photographs with screenshots from Gran Turismo, and it looks like that's exactly what Polyphony Digital had in mind when they released this batch of Corvette ZR1 images from Gran Turismo PSP last week... (Gran Turismo, PSP)

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Hellsvacancy  +   2375d ago
I thought it was Gt5 4 a moment
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UltimateIdiot911  +   2375d ago
GT5 or not, it's hard to tell at glance for most of the pictures.
cRaZyLeGs 93  +   2375d ago
These aren't in-game, but it shows what can be achieved.
50CALheadshot  +   2375d ago
all of that in the palm of my hands....
wow, gt5 and gtpsp compliment each other in so many ways
Chubear  +   2375d ago
... and this is GT5:PSP. Oh how there shall be much wailing and nashing of teeth once GT5:PS3 comes out.
Greywulf  +   2375d ago
Thats not in game...
If any game, its GT5.. not a PSP game. Its probably the model from GT5.
MNicholas  +   2375d ago
Stunning PSP graphics
What do those people at Polyphony Digital eat?
TheDude2dot0  +   2375d ago
ultimolu  +   2375d ago
*whistles* Damn. :o
info  +   2375d ago
polyphony is clearly using GT5 for the screenshots. The PSP selection screen is completely different. This is prologue`s.
just confirmation that those cars are also in GT5.
gaffyh  +   2374d ago
The real pictures don't look real, it would have been useful to have an actual shot of them in a place. With these you can't tell whether it's just a really good render or they've photoshopped the background out.

Anyway GT does come damn close, but I doubt these are the in-game models.
Nineball2112  +   2374d ago
Wow... haven't been a GT fan in the past (nor much of a racing sim fan) but I'm probably just going to have to get this when it comes out.
RememberThe357  +   2375d ago
I know the one that is focuesed on the wheel is different
But after that I can't tell the which on is which.
Shaka2K6  +   2375d ago
Real Life vs. Gran Turismo 5.
mario kart 64 vs. forza 3.

Can't really tell the different between both comparisons.
Chubear  +   2375d ago
haha! Forza's always looking to attach it's butt to GT and hope to ride it's coat tails.
Isn't is funny how 360fans are looking intensely at FORZA Vs Gran Turismo comparisons while the PS fanbase do Gran Turismo PSP Vs. REAL LIFE comparisons lol 'Nuff said XD
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na2ru1  +   2375d ago
Haha Killzone gets compared to PC graphics
And GT gets compared to real life. If this isn't playing beyond, then I don't know what is.

Can xbox REALLY keep up if it can't even have the chance to ascend PSP let alone PS3, PC and real life?
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NegativeCreep427  +   2375d ago
Instead of grasping for Multi-platform title comparisons...
Lets see the Xbot butt-buddie regime provide a direct actuality-to-screenshot comparison like this based on one of the Xbox 360's exclusives.

Yeah, it probably won't happen (or if it did, it would probably be doctored).
leetugz  +   2375d ago
one good looking game players
idiealot  +   2374d ago
to 1.6
to 1.6... they eat forza developers
Shadow017  +   2375d ago
can't tell which one is real-time or fake :X
Etseix  +   2375d ago
me either, im.. confused lol
XxBarretxX  +   2375d ago
tudors  +   2375d ago
I have seen this everytime a GT game has been released....
they show a lot of impressive tec shots but then the game looks nothing like them, I played GTP and it was a jaggy mess, I will be straight with you all, if GT5 looks and plays anything like it's trailers so far I will be gobsmacked, but somthing tells me it wont, lets see the gameplay please.
Fishy Fingers  +   2375d ago
Strange, I get hardly any jaggies on GT5p.
Maddens Raiders  +   2375d ago
Whatever -
you say pal.
50CALheadshot  +   2375d ago
"I played GTP and it was a jaggy mess"
I have a nice setup, the gt5p demo destroys anything and everything available on consoles.

Would you like to trade setup pics? I would love to see what equipment youre gaming on, so i can tell all my friends to avoid it
Ilikegames76  +   2375d ago
@4 Next time
try playing it on a HDTV and not on a CRT TV.
oldskoolgamer  +   2375d ago
before i got my 60" DLP i played it on my 27" CRT and it still looked great. just ignore this guy hes obviously a troll hence the disagrees.
PopEmUp  +   2374d ago
Whatever make you sleep at night man, it's ok now everything will be alright =)
tudors  +   2375d ago
Well I get a better image with VGA (Xbox-360)
than I do with HDMI, it could have been the cables maybe? but I just was not blown away thats all, but like I said if GT5 can match the trailers then I will be impressed, I think this gen is peaking nicely on both the PS3 and Xbox-360, nextgen after this should be very interesting.
50CALheadshot  +   2375d ago
lol your comments r hilarious.
the only thing "peaking" is the bandwidth on live, and the 360's performance.
40cal  +   2375d ago
"Well I get a better image with VGA (Xbox-360)than I do with HDMI"

FadeToBlack  +   2375d ago
"Well I get a better image with VGA (Xbox-360)"
Dude are you serious? lol
I've used the 360 VGA cable and it sucks in comparison even when compared against component cables. I suggest you get a better display.
50CALheadshot  +   2375d ago
LOL he probably games on a 17 inch dell monitor.

watup 40cal long time no c
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badz149  +   2375d ago
VGA better than HDMI??
what the...are you serious?? HDMI, specifically HDMI 1.3(PS3 has this) is the best medium for HD or by any mean anything out there in the market and you're saying VGA is better? although 360 uses 1.2 standard, it will still kicks VGA out of the water as well as component cables!
oldskoolgamer  +   2375d ago
wow that comment is just full of fail lol.
artsaber  +   2374d ago
BWWWAAAHAHHAHAA! Oh, stop it, the laughter hurts! LMAO!
OMG, This is the most funny and moronic comment on N4G all year! I like pissed my self while drinking milk while coughing because it was running out of my nose! I would give you a bubble for the sheer humor in your comment, but it is so sub-moronic, I could not bring myself to do it. GT is just one more PS3 exclusive, that Microsoft cannot buy out, that 360 fans will envy until the day they die, what a sad and pathetic existance...

Here is a tip, own multiple gaming consoles. It will change your gaming life. Tudors, stop using that K-Mart 32" Olevia TV with the 100:1 contrast ratio. LMAO! So I guess you've adopted the concept, that it is not you, but it is the rest of the world that is messed up, if you found GTP a jaggy mess, then one can only wonder why you haven't been equally complaining about your 360 games on here.

If you were serious, then something is amiss in your settings dude. You need to start from scratch, recalibrate your PS3, TV and recheck your connections. I am not gonna diss you so I need to reverse my attitude, I just wanna say, good luck with that. GTP on my 46" Sharp Aquos HDTV rig is like a deep exhilirating breath of fresh mountain air laced with mintyness. Hope you enjoy the same experience one day soon.
mirroredderorrim  +   2375d ago
Does this mean PSP games will be larger? Enough to provide better looking, longer gaming experiences?
Kushan  +   2375d ago
There's no way those are ingame shots, people. The PSP just isn't capable of that. Here's a hint: They're still images taken at extreme closeup, at resolutions higher than the PSP's screen.
Don't get me wrong, these are the models the ingame stuff will be based on and it will likely look exceptional for a PSP game, but it wont look THIS good.
Apocalypse Shadow  +   2375d ago
even if it is in the car selection screen or photo mode like gt4 or gt5
you can't add more polys to cars by raising the resolution.the cars would already have to look good.adding AA or bump in res to ugly cars will still not make them look like what you are seeing in the pic.

so that car like all the other 800 would have to be good looking before the bump.

example:take the ps1 gt1 game and raise the res and add AA,it will not look like this at all.but adding AA and a bump in res will make these cars look better than what you see on psp.but the car is still a high poly car.

so i's real.

Kushan  +   2375d ago
So basically, what you're saying is these models will be used to form the ingame content, but they're not actually ingame right now?
Because that's exactly what I just said.
beardpapa  +   2375d ago
perhaps high poly at car selection screen and fuglies in an actual race.
LeonSKennedy4Life  +   2374d ago
Kushan's a complete moron...

...but he's right.

There's just NO WAY it can look that good. It's simply not possible!

The PS1 can't play Shadow of the Colossus. The PS2 can't play Metal Gear Solid 4. Is that difficult to understand?

No, Kushan...I'm not backing you up after this. Stop with the bias and we'll talk.
kaveti6616  +   2375d ago
Oh my God. That's GT PSP? I clicked on the link thinking that it was GT5 and I was like, "Well, these look awesome but I can kinda tell real from fake." Holy crap, though. This is only GT PSP. I am very anxious now to see Gran Turismo 5.
FadeToBlack  +   2375d ago
I would think the PS3 would be able to pull that off in game but not the PSP. Its not possible with the current hardware. Definatly awsome looking pics though.
phalanx_mark  +   2375d ago
a video of GT psp in action
FadeToBlack  +   2375d ago
Are you claiming that that video displays the same quality of graphics of those still photos? Im sorry but thats not the case.
phalanx_mark  +   2375d ago
no sorry didnt mean that i just thought it looked mighty impressive anyhow thats what i meant, best looking handheld game imo.
Marceles  +   2375d ago
The more I see the video, the more I wish there was a right thumbstick sigh...that's the way I've played GT since GT3.
FadeToBlack  +   2374d ago
Yeah it does look very good for a handheld game. Sorry if I misunderstood your comment.
psthreee  +   2375d ago
ambientFLIER  +   2375d ago
You guys must be blinded by your bias. I can tell which one is real every time. Granted, the differences are minor, but they are there. Stupid sony dorks.

Besides, these are from the PSP version, and obviously not in-game, unless you think the psp can put out HD definitions.
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GrandDragon  +   2375d ago
These are rendered from the Real time Engine you F@G

PSP can very well handle this for Sony are known for their quality.
#14.1 (Edited 2375d ago ) | Agree(5) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
ambientFLIER  +   2375d ago
That's great... Kinda like all those game trailers that are technically rendered using the game engine, but on powerful computers instead of the platform that it's built for. Sorry, the PSP isn't going to put out these kind of images or that kind of resolution in-game.
saint_john_paul_ii  +   2375d ago
and how do you know ambientFilter? did you play it? i know a friend of mine played it, and he said that it looks as good as GT4. poor guy, he needs God in order to believe...
ambientFLIER  +   2375d ago
For starters because the PSP can't display the resolutions of these pictures, and also because GT4 cars weren't as good looking as these shots are.

I saw screenshots and gameplay of it on the PSP, and it sure as hell didn't look like this. There was noticeable aliasing and blockiness on some models.
Ilikegames76  +   2375d ago
You mean what MS have been doing with their games. Saying that the 360 can display 1080p in the box. Releasing pre-rendered bull shots claiming it's all in-game.
Teh Cell  +   2374d ago
...yeah, except the 360 CAN display 1080p, unlike the psp.
Saaking  +   2375d ago
And the bots think Flopza looks good. Hey bots, open you're small childish eyes and take those goggles off so you can see the brilliance that is GT5, Only on PS3
ambientFLIER  +   2375d ago
Did you even read the article before posting that bs? This isn't GT5.
Saaking  +   2375d ago
The wtf is it bot?
terrandragon  +   2375d ago
"...that’s exactly what Polyphony Digital had in mind when they released this batch of Corvette ZR1 images from Gran Turismo PSP last week."
There you go.
Mo0eY  +   2375d ago
"Did you even read the article before posting that bs? This isn't GT5."

LOL, he just owned himself and any other bot in this thread.

Forza 3 out of 10 can't even compete with a handheld.
saimcheeda  +   2374d ago
GT PSP has so good graphics that we confuse it with GT 5!!!...GT 5 will be out of this world, simply stunning!
PopEmUp  +   2374d ago
HAHAA! Classic sheit there bro, thank for backing up this statement "Did you even read the article before posting that bs? This isn't GT5." .....It's PSP lol. no wonder they don't mention GT5 =p
Teh Cell  +   2374d ago
The point is that you idiots spam up the forums without even reading the damn article. It makes no difference if it's GT5 or GT PSP.

Besides, I fail to see how posting images that the PSP is not capable of rendering is somehow making Forza 3 look bad. I'm sure Turn 10 could put the Forza 3 engine on a supercomputer and put out a car with about a billion polygons in it and at 100800P, but if the xbox 360 isn't capable of displaying that, why brag about it?
macalatus  +   2375d ago
My fellow Sony gamers, while we are trying to unravel the mystery of which one of the pictures is real or GT PSP, the 360 folks, aka "the misguided children of the video game industry", are trying to figure out the difference between the pictures of a fire-hazard toaster and a 360.

Sony Gamers Lead the Way!
Chad Warden Returns   2375d ago | Spam
tmt345  +   2375d ago
Impressive but...
Isn't that being rendered, but not in game? Like in picture mode or something?
Light Yagami  +   2375d ago
Nice bullshots
-Mezzo-  +   2375d ago
Which One Was Real Life.....No Seriously.
PR3DAT0R  +   2374d ago
A tough one
The only way you can really tell is the backround, the GT backround is the silvery chrome one, the cars look exactly the same on both images though.
specialguest  +   2375d ago
This comparison is silly
The supposedly real version is actually not real at all, but is also computer generated graphics.
inFAMOUS_KRATOS  +   2375d ago
i gave the psp slim to my nephew, lol waiting for that go!!!wooo can't wait!!
kamfair55  +   2375d ago
What do those people at Polyphony Digital eat? FORZA
XDF  +   2375d ago
Sony Fanboys are at it again..
This is a freaking photo..not the real in game engine.

This is how the game will look on the PSP

Related image(s)
devilhunterx  +   2375d ago
Sony has a long way to go before they can compete with M$ and Epic bullshots
Dark-vash  +   2375d ago
It looks like a PS1 game... awesome!
If the game plays like GT2, i'll buy it!
inFAMOUS_KRATOS  +   2375d ago
lol " like milan fan would say!!
inFAMOUS_KRATOS  +   2375d ago




PS3rd_the_Turd   2375d ago | Spam
XLiveGamer  +   2375d ago
This photos are retouched
5 of those "Real photos" are retouched and this one right here is the only one that is NOT retouched. http://image.automobilemag....

example of retouched photos>

But hey this where you can find them fast
NaiNaiNai  +   2375d ago
ROFL GT5 doesn't even look that good, yet you guys think the psp version will. God no wonder you guys are idiots.
snake-OO  +   2375d ago
gt5 doesnt look that good, are u smoking crack.
gameman  +   2375d ago
my god the bots are in denial mode again XD wether you like it or not bots this is the truth even this shots are looking as good as flopza 3 and it's on the PSP for god sake a slap in the BOTS face

keep the good work sony
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