Real Life vs. Gran Turismo: Corvette ZR1

It's always fun to compare real-life photographs with screenshots from Gran Turismo, and it looks like that's exactly what Polyphony Digital had in mind when they released this batch of Corvette ZR1 images from Gran Turismo PSP last week...

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Hellsvacancy2964d ago (Edited 2964d ago )

I thought it was Gt5 4 a moment

UltimateIdiot9112964d ago

GT5 or not, it's hard to tell at glance for most of the pictures.

cRaZyLeGs 932964d ago

These aren't in-game, but it shows what can be achieved.

50CALheadshot2964d ago

wow, gt5 and gtpsp compliment each other in so many ways

Chubear2964d ago

... and this is GT5:PSP. Oh how there shall be much wailing and nashing of teeth once GT5:PS3 comes out.

Greywulf2964d ago

If any game, its GT5.. not a PSP game. Its probably the model from GT5.

MNicholas2964d ago

What do those people at Polyphony Digital eat?

info2964d ago

polyphony is clearly using GT5 for the screenshots. The PSP selection screen is completely different. This is prologue`s.
just confirmation that those cars are also in GT5.

gaffyh2964d ago

The real pictures don't look real, it would have been useful to have an actual shot of them in a place. With these you can't tell whether it's just a really good render or they've photoshopped the background out.

Anyway GT does come damn close, but I doubt these are the in-game models.

Nineball21122964d ago

Wow... haven't been a GT fan in the past (nor much of a racing sim fan) but I'm probably just going to have to get this when it comes out.

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RememberThe3572964d ago

But after that I can't tell the which on is which.

Shaka2K62964d ago

mario kart 64 vs. forza 3.

Can't really tell the different between both comparisons.

Chubear2964d ago (Edited 2964d ago )

Isn't is funny how 360fans are looking intensely at FORZA Vs Gran Turismo comparisons while the PS fanbase do Gran Turismo PSP Vs. REAL LIFE comparisons lol 'Nuff said XD

na2ru12964d ago (Edited 2964d ago )

And GT gets compared to real life. If this isn't playing beyond, then I don't know what is.

Can xbox REALLY keep up if it can't even have the chance to ascend PSP let alone PS3, PC and real life?

NegativeCreep4272964d ago

Lets see the Xbot butt-buddie regime provide a direct actuality-to-screenshot comparison like this based on one of the Xbox 360's exclusives.

Yeah, it probably won't happen (or if it did, it would probably be doctored).

leetugz2964d ago

one good looking game players

idiealot2963d ago

to 1.6... they eat forza developers

Shadow0172964d ago

can't tell which one is real-time or fake :X

Etseix2964d ago

me either, im.. confused lol