Is the developer Rockstady already equipped with the PS3 Slim? writes: "In the current Batman: Arkham Asylum trailer is somewhat veiled at minute 1:36, which suggests so far a not well-known console." Playstation 3 Slim, maybe? Screenshot inside!

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Megaton3026d ago

That is kinda strange, blurring out what appear to be PS3's in their office.

Trollimite3026d ago

that second one in the backround was silver or white. and it does look smaler than the regular ps3.

talltony3026d ago

they also blurred out a 360 if you look closely.

Blaze9293026d ago (Edited 3026d ago )

even if it was the slim, I don't see why developers would have it as it really doesnt benefit them at all to have. Unless Sony made some revisions to the debug units like Microsoft did by adding extra ram for development, its really useless and a waste of money for Sony to send out new units just becuase its slimmer.

And talltony is right, at 1:35 to the left of that burred black figure is a blurred out white figure as well. Probably just debug PS3/360 kits they think the public arent allowed to see.

phosphor1123026d ago

I mean, the game IS multiplat.

celtics3453026d ago

Phosphor's most likely right guys, Its a sony trailer & their probably blocking the xbox's for that reason. I've seen a trailer(can't remember what for) that had some guys playing a game using the 360 controllers, & they were blurred out.

InFAMOUS13026d ago

They probably don't have the rights to use the name... I see it all the time in tv and such.. Someone drinking a can of pepsi but the can is blurred out.. I highly doubt its a slim

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y0haN3025d ago

It's obviously a regular PS3 blurred out so they can use the video to show 360 owners. Gosh.

Alvadr3025d ago

More like PS3 Fat.. that thing looks huge, doubt its a PS3 Slim

G3TDOWN3025d ago (Edited 3025d ago )

even the mice are blurred, the mice could have the DELL logo on them for example

I don't think there was a PS3 slim there

Christopher3025d ago

It's likely that they're custom units of some sort with logos on them that they don't want to advertise. Likely custom skins of some sort.

Giriath3025d ago

Maybe Gabe Newell didn't want anyone to know they actually have PS3s in their office.

Nineball21123025d ago

Hmmm.. it makes you wonder.

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TheColbertinator3026d ago

Interesting.It might just be a normal PS3 with a dev kit attached

Unicron3026d ago

A PS3 devkit looks nothing like that. They are massive beasts.

Raf1k13026d ago

Could be but wouldn't that make it look bigger?

PirateThom3026d ago

Sony reduced the size of the PS3 dev kits when they cut the price, the "slim" Dev kit is the same as the normal PS3.

Unicron3026d ago

That's technically a test kit. They look like production PS3's. A devkit is about the height of a retail PS3, but a good 3 times longer (front to back).

Eiffel3025d ago

It is a PS3 Devkit. You can see based on the size and detail you can make out from the blur. It's standing upright is all.

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Elven63026d ago

If they went through the trouble of blurring it out why not remove it completely during the editing process? Or even yet, cut the scene out altogether?

Perhaps it may have something to do with legalities, perhaps the kit was branded with a sticker or something similar that would require blurring?

Finalfantasykid3025d ago

Ya I thought of that as well. This would be a pretty pathetic way of avoiding a ps3 slim leak, since the blurring will create very obvious rumours and conspiracy theories.

PirateThom3026d ago (Edited 3026d ago )

It could be a PS3 slim... it could just as easily be a box of drugs or a porn stash.

lloyd_wonder3026d ago

Yeah. wtf they blurring dev kits for?

pure pwnage243025d ago

someone should use photoshop and unblur it!!!!

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