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Is the developer Rockstady already equipped with the PS3 Slim?

videogameszone.de writes: "In the current Batman: Arkham Asylum trailer is somewhat veiled at minute 1:36, which suggests so far a not well-known console." Playstation 3 Slim, maybe? Screenshot inside! (Culture, Industry, Tech)

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Megaton  +   2116d ago
That is kinda strange, blurring out what appear to be PS3's in their office.
Trollimite  +   2116d ago
that second one in the backround was silver or white. and it does look smaler than the regular ps3.
talltony  +   2116d ago
they also blurred out a 360 if you look closely.
Blaze929  +   2116d ago
even if it was the slim, I don't see why developers would have it as it really doesnt benefit them at all to have. Unless Sony made some revisions to the debug units like Microsoft did by adding extra ram for development, its really useless and a waste of money for Sony to send out new units just becuase its slimmer.

And talltony is right, at 1:35 to the left of that burred black figure is a blurred out white figure as well. Probably just debug PS3/360 kits they think the public arent allowed to see.
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phosphor112  +   2116d ago
It's probably a 360 elite, or a 360 dev kit.
I mean, the game IS multiplat.
celtics345  +   2116d ago
Phosphor's most likely right guys, Its a sony trailer & their probably blocking the xbox's for that reason. I've seen a trailer(can't remember what for) that had some guys playing a game using the 360 controllers, & they were blurred out.
InFAMOUS1  +   2116d ago
They probably don't have the rights to use the name... I see it all the time in tv and such.. Someone drinking a can of pepsi but the can is blurred out.. I highly doubt its a slim
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y0haN  +   2116d ago
It's obviously a regular PS3 blurred out so they can use the video to show 360 owners. Gosh.
Alvadr  +   2116d ago
More like PS3 Fat.. that thing looks huge, doubt its a PS3 Slim
G3TDOWN  +   2116d ago
All logos are Blurred because the video is not advertising
even the mice are blurred, the mice could have the DELL logo on them for example

I don't think there was a PS3 slim there
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Christopher  +   2115d ago
It's likely that they're custom units of some sort with logos on them that they don't want to advertise. Likely custom skins of some sort.
Giriath  +   2115d ago
Maybe Gabe Newell didn't want anyone to know they actually have PS3s in their office.
Nineball2112  +   2115d ago
Hmmm.. it makes you wonder.
TheColbertinator  +   2116d ago
Interesting.It might just be a normal PS3 with a dev kit attached
Unicron  +   2116d ago
A PS3 devkit looks nothing like that. They are massive beasts.
Raf1k1  +   2116d ago
Could be but wouldn't that make it look bigger?
PirateThom  +   2116d ago
Sony reduced the size of the PS3 dev kits when they cut the price, the "slim" Dev kit is the same as the normal PS3.

Unicron  +   2116d ago
That's technically a test kit. They look like production PS3's. A devkit is about the height of a retail PS3, but a good 3 times longer (front to back).
Eiffel  +   2116d ago
It is a PS3 Devkit. You can see based on the size and detail you can make out from the blur. It's standing upright is all.
Elven6  +   2116d ago
If they went through the trouble of blurring it out why not remove it completely during the editing process? Or even yet, cut the scene out altogether?

Perhaps it may have something to do with legalities, perhaps the kit was branded with a sticker or something similar that would require blurring?
Finalfantasykid  +   2116d ago
Ya I thought of that as well. This would be a pretty pathetic way of avoiding a ps3 slim leak, since the blurring will create very obvious rumours and conspiracy theories.
PirateThom  +   2116d ago
It could be a PS3 slim... it could just as easily be a box of drugs or a porn stash.
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El_Colombiano  +   2116d ago
Physical...porn? Wha!?
lloyd_wonder  +   2116d ago
Yeah. wtf they blurring dev kits for?
jack who  +   2116d ago
pure pwnage24  +   2115d ago
someone should use photoshop and unblur it!!!!
saint_john_paul_ii  +   2116d ago
the same thing was done with free radical with the DS3. they blurred the controller out
Tomkar  +   2115d ago
why the hell did FRD do that? i mean, sixaxis and DS3 looks exactly the same! people would not even notice it. only if they zoom in 30x on the blue "DUALSHOCK 3" text
Saaking  +   2116d ago
If there's as PS3 slim coming I'm guessing that most devs already have one int their hands; however why would they blur it instead of just cutting it out.
crs353  +   2116d ago
i dont know what there blurring out but at 1:37 or 1:38 u see something in front of them blured out to but if u go to 1:40 and look at top left hand corner u c a ps3 so idk is its a ps3 there bluring out
darkpower  +   2116d ago
Yeah, that was really weird that they would blur something like that out, especially when Sony probably would give them permission to SHOW that in any other light.

Gotta be something they don't want anyone knowing exists.
Troll-Killer  +   2116d ago
....that looks like an Elite 360 dev kit.

EDIT: O.K., I'm 99% confident that ALL blurred parts are 360 dev kits (not just Elites, but regular white ones as well)....and I know why as well.

Rocksteady obviously made some connection with Sony/PS3 during the making of this game:

1.) The exclusive Joker content.
2.) Announcing recently...with no apologies...that the 360 would NEVER get ANY exclusive content.
3.) Only the PS3 was used to promote the game at retail kiosks, with the Challenge Room demo.
4.) It's a UE3 game....made be a 3rd party dev...yet they actually managed to make it equal to the 360 version.

All of this leads to one realization: For whatever reason (I'm guessing $$/extra promotion/dev support from Sony), Rocksteady can't/won't do anything to promote the 360...including not giving it "free advertisement" in their video.

Just a guess....but try to prove me wrong. ;)
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falcon  +   2116d ago
agreed. it looks too square to be a ps3.
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darkpower  +   2116d ago
You forgot something, though: the PS3 CAN be sat on it's side, upwards. And that can make them "square".

Plus, look near the ends of the front console that is being blurred out. It looks curved, and only the PS3s have their consoles in that shape.

Plus, I'm not sure WHY there would be a conspiracy against the 360 with them. They DO want to sell the game for ALL consoles, after all. Also, at the end of the video, it DOES mention that the game IS coming out for the 360, and actually shows all the logos, so that would be free advertising, as well. Why blur out the 360s if the logo is going to be on the end of the video promoting the 360, anyway? That would seem to be counterproductive, if you ask me.

Finally, check the cord that's coming out of it. The official 360 charger does NOT have that little thick part of the cord on it (not sure what people call it). I doubt that cord is for anything that's specifically for the 360.

I do believe you're wrong on this one.
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Troll-Killer  +   2116d ago
@ darkpower....
A vertical 360's power cord plugs in at the bottom, NOT the TOP. The cord you see is the AV cord....on the 360. ;)

Bottom line: Regardless of reasoning behind it, those ARE 360s that are blurred out. I'm now 100% certain.
R_A_LEE20  +   2116d ago
If you pause the vid at 1:35 you can see that there are 2 wires coming out. 1 at the bottom and 1 in the middle. Answer = Its an Xbox 360 Elite stood up with power cables and AV cables that we can see. Also it has the curve shape of a 360 which all points to the fact that: ITS AN XBOX 360 ELITE and NOT A PS3 SLIM.
darrensworld  +   2116d ago
@Troll Killer
You could be right, my friend works for an ad-agency and MS is one of their clients. Their contract states that NO commecial or web content can be created for MS on os x, it all has to be done on a pc running windows. So this is fairly typical in the corporate world.
Premonition  +   2116d ago
This takes me back to when the talk about the PS3 controller with rumble was coming, and in a video tour of developer haze, their office had blurred out PS3 controllers which turn out to be the dualshock controllers, i dont see why they would blur out a devkit in the first place its pretty much a modded PS3 nothing to shy away from the public for.
josh14399  +   2116d ago
it looked more like the old fat ps2 on its side to be honest it had a very rectangular shaped body. i dont think its was a ps2 like it could have been a 360 dev kit which if im correct have similar shape
Mo0eY  +   2116d ago
Even the bots want to see the harbinger of doom, the PS3 Slim. It's already hit 300 degrees with little comments. They are ready to see what their Christmas present is going to look like.

Once you experience the power of the PS3, you will not look back.
-MD-  +   2116d ago
I've experienced it, and I looked back.
Marcelles25  +   2116d ago
@above yeah but
you forgot to take your fanboy goggles of when you experienced it...

i still cant beleive you guys won't admit that Uncharted, Killzone, and God Of War 3 look awesome.

i mean i can admit Splinter Cell, Forza 3 looked good because i took off my goggles for that E3 press Conference

all i want is for you to take off yours Come August 18th

EDIT: why are you looking at this Article ?!?!?!?!?

no 360 news:(
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Poopface the 2nd  +   2116d ago
Well its blurry?
I want a ps3 slim. But would they put a slim on its side? seems like it might fall over. I wouldnt want to risk taht.
peeps  +   2116d ago
prob already been said but the most likely thing is to do with promotion. it's a multi-plat game and it may sound petty but if they only showed a ps3 in the video ms might be annoyed. it's like a lot of things you see on tv where a brand name might be blurred out on some1's t-shirt or cap. not to mention despite being blury it doesnt look all that slim haha
Troll-Killer  +   2116d ago
Similar to my point earlier...
...except that those are 360s, and NOT PS3s. ;)
peeps  +   2116d ago
ah yeh. the white 1 deffo looks like a 360, cus u can see the silver bit of the disk tray.

and actually i just had another quick look and the top of the console looks way more rectangular than a ps3's so i'd say it's an elite. nothing to see here lol
jmare  +   2116d ago
All the contributors should lose some status for approving this when there are so many obvious things wrong with this article. The title is misspelled. The link should go to the translated page, not the original. Also, it's a full size PS3. Only an idiot can think that it's slim when the video comes behind the unit you can clearly see that it's a full size PS3.
Death2494  +   2116d ago
If the leaked version is any indication of what it's going to look like, then i doubt you'll be able to stand a slim up w/o a stand. Just an opinion.
N7360  +   2116d ago
I can tell you for sure what ever it is it isn't the PS3 Slim. I already know a far bit about development of games and even if the PS3 slim is real it wont be in dev kit form etc. Theres no way thats it.
Lets-Game  +   2116d ago
you can see another one at 1.40 on the farthest table. not really sure its slim though
Bobbie001  +   2116d ago
They also blur the 360's
M4I0N3  +   2116d ago
if you look closely at the closest blurred PS3, it has a usb wire sticking out of its USB port on the top half of the PS3 which this does not exist on any PS3 (which are on the top half) platform that exists officially today, where as if you consider the PS3 SLIM it's USB ports are on the top half.

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-Mezzo-  +   2116d ago
I hope it's the PS3 slim but i think they only blurred it out because the game is multiplatform.
heylo  +   2116d ago
it's a PS4
DevilNinja420  +   2115d ago
PS3 Slim
Theres a second one standing up here and it looks like the bottom, since those monitors are only about a foot of the table tops it could be one, look at the image.

Here for bigger pic : http://i25.tinypic.com/2qwd...

Related image(s)
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DevilNinja420  +   2115d ago
Its a ps3 slim
Look , heres another one
DevilNinja420  +   2115d ago
It could be a ps3 Slim
Look, heres another 1,

Klipz-Wish  +   2115d ago
Look at the top left corner at about 1:35 you'll see a 360 1:36 you'll see a ps3 then at 1:40 look again
GrandDragon  +   2115d ago
If the new PS2 9000 has no External Power Brick than Micro$oft SERIOUSLY need to learn from Sony and their technology. Its about time that UGLY Brick is slimmed down. All they have to do is go and ask Sony.


The AC power is no longer Ugly...but...still is for the Xbots
Shane Kim  +   2115d ago
Looks like a regular PS3 to me.
_Q_  +   2115d ago
I think theyre both 360s
They both have gray tops like the HDD for the 360 and the black unit isn't slim 1:37.
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