More Eye of Judgment gameplay videos

Some new gameplay videos of Eye of Judgment for the PS3.

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r10004248d ago

I never played a card game in my life... besides UNO...LOL... but there is not denying that this looks pretty damn cool....

kewlkat0074248d ago

but yeah I'll probably get bored of the card games tho. I know Japanese kids eat this stuff up.

Xabrophazon4248d ago

I'm not a huge PS3 guy, but that looks amazing. It'll be great to see how deep this game actually is when it comes out.

Anego Montoya FTMFW4248d ago

do you have any idea how many kids play yugioh/pokemon cards?
and the more and more i see the

i was a bit hesitant about it when i first saw it, but not anymore.
I`m getting this Day one(my son wants it,and i do to).

SimmoUK4248d ago

I cannot wait to get this looks so cool, I wish something like this was out when I was a kid just shows you how far they have come. I'm not normally a card collector but this is in a different legue looks great...

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The story is too old to be commented.