Diablo 2 Patch 1.13 to Feature Re-Specs

Blizzard has announced that one of the biggest features in the upcoming 1.13 patch for Diablo II and its expansion is to add the ability to respecialize and retrain skills.

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StillGray3235d ago

"Soon", apparently. This year, I'd expect.

mfwahwah3235d ago

It was due in like June or July.

I'm expecting it to come around Blizzcon, so they can announce some D3 stuff, hype up D2 talk about other stuff. Blizzard knows a little about synergies, after all xD

xsteinbachx3235d ago

They should have had this YEARS AGO.

Torkith3235d ago

I dunno, I found that was kind of the fun with Diablo 2, perfecting your character took a few actual characters. The game wasn't hard to level in at all. With Ancients granting upwards of 12 levels (All difficulties combined)

I'm not against respecs, I just hope they limit it as well as within Diablo 3. I'm a huge HUGE fan of the Diablo franchise (Went to Blizzcon last year just to play it) Yes, I do play WoW, and yes, I enjoy WoW, but Diablo 3 needs to be it's own game, taking successful ideas from WoW is great, but keeping it inline with the Diablo franchise is a must.

If you're wondering yes, I was very disappointed to see that you no longer gain Attribute Points as you level. :(

mfwahwah3235d ago

TONS of D2 players are against respecs, believe it or not.

pacowles3235d ago

Eh it's not really a huge deal when you can get a glitched rush via Baal quest and get into Hell as a level one. Then after chaosing for a few hours, you can easily get to 85+ in a day if you have the time. Still, it would be more convenient to be able to redistribute skill points (and hopefully stats) to make older characters who were made before some of the skill changes actually usable again (i.e. my pure dex zon who has like 500hp and maxed multi/guided arrow with low strafe).