Tony Hawk RIDE Set For Wii In November

Got a spare £100?

Tony Hawk RIDE will be released for Wii on the 20th November, Activision have announced. RIDE will come with a special skateboard peripheral and cost a whopping £99.99.

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Shnazzyone3146d ago

That's nearly $200 american... are you freaking kidding me?!?! Right now it would be a total surprise if this sells at all. Time for tony to retire

skatezero2463146d ago

I hope this fails along with any other activison title

skeletonss3146d ago

is dumb. his first game was ground breaking but after that he got greedy. a popular trend for activison

poindat3146d ago

The first 4 games were really good, with #3 being the best I think. After THUG though, everything sort of dissolved into some POS Jackass knockoff... ugh.

Microsoft_Spokesman3146d ago

$200, practically the cost of the Wii its self!

Poopface the 2nd3146d ago

It could sell on the wii, but how many add ons will they buy?

I hope this crap fails. I dont think that last tony game was a big success, I dont see this doing good.

I hope that activision makes a crap load and they dont sell.

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