Halo: ODST Drop Ship Crashes On Sydney's Cockatoo Island

OXCGN Writes: "Halo 3: ODST is releasing in just over a month and for the Halo fans the countdown has already begun. Everyone is gearing up for yet another stunning installment of the great Halo franchise.

Bungie, along with Microsoft Australia, held a special V.I.P Halo 3: ODST event on the evening of Thursday 6th of August at Sydney's Cockatoo Island for fellow Xbox Community Site members and lucky winners of various competitions held throughout the prior week and as always, OXCGN was there to dig through the rubble and report back..."

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Godem3146d ago

That looked like awesome fun, I would LOVE to be able to drive that... I wonder if the car handles just like in the game :)

XboxOZ3603146d ago (Edited 3146d ago )

There was one person that won the opportunity to actually DRIVE the warthog on the evening . .Not drive it then, but at another time.

He's one of only 100 ppl that will have the chance to sit their backsides in the 'hog and actually 'drive it' Under supervison - of course hehehehe.

There was also a ONE OFF Halo 3: ODST Xbox 360 given away on the night all decked out in Halo 3: ODST artwork, certainly looked great, and was a One-of-a-kind item, which will be worth a fortune should he wish to sell it at any stage.

Lucky so-n-so . . .

Something I did get my hands on though were some custom made, sterling silver Halo Rings which will be up for sale through the site soon, and from WetaNZ . . .fitted perfectly actually, and looked great, but certainly wouldn't like to get hit with one, that's for sure.

Tony P3146d ago

Awesome event. I love it when they make actual props out of fictional concepts :D

Too bad ME can't get the same treatment, no one has the tech to do that for sci-fi. But I'd settle for a few corridors of the Normandy or Citadel.

gaminoz3146d ago

Wow it would replace the Hummer for speaker poppin' crusin'...

I like that they try and make nights more interesting than just "come to a warehouse-like venue to see our game".

XboxOZ3603146d ago

The hog was excellent to drive in (Alex from Weta drove) and the different steering setups were amazing to say the least, It could turn in less space than the original Mini Minor . . and that's saying something.

Excellent night . .

Will have some vids of the Hog in action as well soon.

XboxOZ3603146d ago

Oh look, some sony twit disagreeing on a personal experience report - good god . . I know what I experienced and witnessed, and when you see our vids in the next day or so, you'll see for yourself.

Why disagree on something you know nothing about, only proves a persons irresponsibility and immaturity - Do wake up and simply enjoy gaming instead of being a fanboy please

Godem3146d ago

So XboxOZ, do you know where the Warthog is travelling now that its left Sydney?

XboxOZ3603146d ago

It's been here in Sydney all weekend and also Friday. It was open to the public all weekend, and may well be heading back to NZ, but not sure yet, It could be left here for further promo stuff prior to the release, not sure, but will efinitely let you all know what's-what, that's for sure.

Sitting in it when it crabs is amazing, it litteraly just crabs sideways . . . has a top speed in it's current high-gear ratios of around 60-80kph and with a smaller diff ratio, could top the 160kph mark.

It was remarkably smooth actually, there wasn't a standard part on the vehicle with the exception of the 4ltr Nissan diesel motor, which they turbo'd for more grunt (no pun intended)

We'll have some shots of it without the body soon showing it going through its paces in a mud rally in NZ.

It was an amazing feat of construction to have it ready within 6 weeks, from the moment they got the nod, to the time that it was officially finished was 6 weeks.

Weta know what they are doing, that's for sure, ir took them just 4 days to make all the crash gear from scratch for the event . . . moulding, frames etc etc . . it certainly looked the part on the day/night.

Natsu X FairyTail3146d ago

Only Microsoft games gets Big events like this!!

Halo ODST FTW!!!