Brutal Gamer: Fat Princess Review

Brutal Gamer writes - "Ever since I originally saw Fat Princess videos and screenshots way back at E3, my only thoughts were it was going to be god-awful or one of those games which you must have a piece of (just like a delicious, freshly cooked chocolate cake). And thankfully, it's a game which if you're into online games; you must pick this little beauty up. The amount of hours of bloody enjoyment that are available from the fat cow are beyond your wildest chocolate-coated dreams. The biggest downfall from the game is that in the long run it will cost you a lot more than £11.99, as you'll end up spending more money on the cake you can't help but crave after running around after it for hours."

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sirbigam3265d ago

This game is off the hook very addicting, glad I bought it, lol I feel like playin right now.

Merrill3265d ago

You don't "cook" a cake, you bake it. But yes, this game is fantastic. Just needs clan support.