The return of mass games piracy on consoles?

Games have not always been $50 at retail (or around £40) and if you cast your mind back to the Genesis/MegaDrive days, or even on the N64, you'll remember the cost of games could be quite a lot higher. So you could argue that it's fine that games are getting more expensive again, right? Wrong.

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DriftMax3270d ago

If you don't want to pay the extra $10, don't buy it.


Fool it wont be GOTY becuse its no barely any different from CoD4 and BTW wanna pay $70 for every game in the future? Or maybe even $80?

ShenmueLegacy3270d ago

So DriftMax, you're happy for games to go up by $10, and then more and more when Activision says so? They've already said they want to continually bring up the price but they're using this as a tester to see if people take it. People like you will the cause of more expensive games in the future unless you make a stand.

Trollimite3270d ago

the return of piracy one the 360. the ps3 is virtually hack proof.

ShenmueLegacy3270d ago (Edited 3270d ago )

Hackers always find a way, regardless of hardware or software, and they especially will try harder to crack a system if they believe they are being cheated. When the 360 first came out it was declared virtually hackproof, but it's now quite a lot easier I believe. The PS3 or any other console is no different.

Trollimite3270d ago

your wrong! all processes have to check by the cell engine! the ps3 will not be hacked for years to come. im sure of it!

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ShenmueLegacy3270d ago

It hasn't ended, but it certainly slowed down on games consoles when the price of gaming came down. Actually reading the article might help...