Is There Any Hope to Sony's Wand and Microsoft's Natal?

NextGN writes: "At E3 2009 we saw both Microsoft and Sony announce their own version of motion controls. While Microsoft's Project Natal and Sony's Wand look impressive with both companies presenting demos of their product, this all feels like just another "me too" strategy. Given the popularity and success of the Wii, it was bound to happen sooner or later."

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king dong33143d ago

ofcourse, both companies have seen the success of the wii and want a slice of the action. this gen is already sown up, nintendo have cleaned house.

next gen, i'm thinking/hoping that both microsoft and sony will continue to upgrade their hardware aswell as add the motion games that have driven the wii to its current position.

if they cater for the hardcore like me, but include the causals wii style then i'll be happy. when i undo the box of the next-gen xbox or playstation, i want it to include the gimmicky motion stuff AND a control pad for the hardcore games that i play.

and i think who ever gets a machine like that out of the gate next-gen will dominate. no ifs or buts!!

sunil3142d ago

I do not see myself jumping around / shooting by pointing my hand at the screen for hours together...

Today I dont spend more than 1-2 hrs per week on my Wii, but I spend 20+ hrs on the other consoles !!

I will still buy the wand (dont see myself not using a controller) but I might not use it as much as they hope

deadreckoning6663142d ago

Heck ill buy the wand too. Ill use the money that I would have spent on MW2 lol!