Mafia 2 meets CryEngine 2: new "Gangsters" screens

Some new screens from the upcoming CryEngine 2 Mafia mod "Gangsters".

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Milky2997d ago

some of them look good, others not so much.

evrfighter2997d ago

it's cryengine2 dude. AA is a still a feature many people have to play without even if they can play on high.

Tony P2997d ago

That isn't Mafia 2. It's a CryEngine 2 mod called "Gangsters". No relation to the actual Mafia 2 (which doesn't use CryEngine).

This is a community project, and yeah it looks a little bland. But it's essentially made by one guy.

G3TDOWN2997d ago (Edited 2997d ago )

lol mafia 2 doesnt even use the cryengine 2 ahaha

Arthur_2996d ago

This looks like crap.
I dont know where to start.

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Gobot2997d ago

Mafia 2 met CryEngine 2 got married, and had a baby with Down Syndrome.

Madis0072997d ago

It could look super good on PC but ofcause Xbox 360 and PS3(ofcause WII TOO) cant run this engine and thats why most games gets downgraded.

y0haN2996d ago

The stupid, it burns.

xc7x2997d ago

eww,sorry but that looked like it needs help

BreakNeckSpeed2997d ago

Mafia 2 is being made by hundreds of people while the mod in the screenshots is being made by just one guy as a hobbie.

Before you voice your opinion think about what your going to say.

xc7x2997d ago

still doesn't change my opinion

itani2997d ago

This looks good since it's being made my one guy.

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