Valhalla Knights Eldar Saga Dated (for Japan)

Marvelous Entertainment announced yesterday a final release date for the latest entry in its Valhalla Knights series of RPGs. Valhalla Knights: The Eldar Saga will arrive on October 8, priced at ¥7,140.

This first Wii entry in the series is an action RPG with an epic story spanning two generations. Players can create a custom character, with over 100,000 possible part combinations, and team up with other players for multipalyer play via Wi-Fi Connection.

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Myst3234d ago

I wonder when the NA release date will be given...

Youg3234d ago

Okay graphically it isnt as pleasing as let say, Monster Hunter 3 tri, now that just looks awesome (i'm one of those people who cant wait till next year for it lol) But this, of which I hadnt really noticed till this post holds a hell lot of promise as a wii title that looks good, offers online multiplayer (hopefully for free, dont know, first post i've seen on this game) and enough story line/quests/free roam areas and extras to make this a game worth playing and coming back to, not just completing and leaving.

now just waiting for a EU release date myself :D

Mahr3234d ago

Well, as Marvelous has yet to let me down, I'll be keeping an eye on this one should it head stateside.

Shnazzyone3234d ago

Interesting... how come I haven't heard of this. Custom characters and online in an RPG for wii. Marvelous has really been championing unique content for the wii for some time now. I think gamers need to start throwing them a bone.