Ubisoft confirms Heroes of Might and Magic VI

In a recent interview with the German DS site the producers of the Nintendo DS title Might and Magic: Clash of Heroes spoke about future developments and confirmed the past rumors of a Heroes of Might and Magic VI being developed.

A question was: "Can you tell us more about your future plans, what can we expect?"

Erwan: "I dream of a Might & Magic movie trilogy, worthy of Peter Jackson's Lord of the Rings. :)"

"But as far as Might & Magic videogames are concerned, alas, my lips are sealed!"

"However, the acute observers can get a glimpse of the future if they watch closely the Clash of Heroes producer diary videos, especially the moment when the eminently likeable duet of producers introduce the next Spring-Summer Might & Magic fashion collection…"

"I've said enough! My life is at stake!"

Romain: "Several times, I have proposed a "Battlefield of Might & Magic" concept to Ubisoft… to no avail. Seriously, like Erwan, I am sworn to secrecy. However, I will give you an additional hint. I'm such a fan of Might & Magic that I wear its future like a second skin, very close to my heart…"

"I'll let your readers solve our puzzle. :)"

The puzzle is simple, because Romain de Waubert, Senior Producer of Might & Magic: Clash of Heroes was wearing a Heroes of Might and Magic VI t-shirt all along the developer diary.

So not only that Ubisoft will be releasing a Might and Magic fashion collection, they also confirmed the rumors about Heroes of Might and Magic VI being in development. Still no confirmation on which systems the game will be released.

A picture of the t-shirt can be found here and the full interview can be read in the source.

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