Crisis Core surpasses 2 million copies shipped

Square Enix stated in their FY2010 Q1 report briefing that more than 2 million copies of Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII were shipped worldwide so far.

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Blaze9293263d ago

That's nice. Crisis Core kicked ass and is an amazing game. Dunno where all that "Square Enix sux" crap is coming from. They still got it. However, the TRI-ACE games that Square PUBLISHED sucked ass, yes.

San Frandisco3263d ago (Edited 3263d ago )

Its pretty much anything outside of the final fantasy universe that Squeenix cant seem to get their heads on strait to make a great overall quality game.

Final fantasie's are a walk in the park for them since they have ben in that universe since like over 15 years or so,no?

However,if they should relize anything,it should be the Final fantasy 7 fan base... they (including me) are some dedicated fans and demand nothing but perfection.... and Squeidos knows not to fvck up with the FF7 story.

FunkyBunch3263d ago

Don't even get me started on how bad the Full Metal Alchemist games were. I shudder to think that I purchased one. I keep it as a reminder that no video game company is fool proof.

However, Crisis Core is easily my favorite game for the PSP. 2 million is quite an achievement, especially for a portable.

Marceles3263d ago (Edited 3263d ago )

"Dunno where all that "Square Enix sux" crap is coming from."

Well yeah Crisis Core was a pretty good game, but I'm not surprised the best FF7 spinoff made has sold this much...FF7 is pretty much the most popular FF in the series. Square Enix still sucks of us from N4G could make an FF7 game to sell 2's freakin FF7. The really impressive thing is a PSP game period has sold over 2 million, that just shows how big FF7 really is. I wanted this game so much that I imported it.

Blaze9293263d ago (Edited 3263d ago )

its not about the "sales". There have been other FF7 spin offs that sold badly for Square. The point is the game was GOOD and not becuase it was FF7, it was Square doing what they do best; final fantasy games. This is one of, if not THE best titles on the PSP to date and Crisis Core is truly an amazing game. Bu bu but SquareEnix sucks and lost their talent right?

I just think that's a pretty harsh thing to say to a company who has been pumping good games (in house developed games) out for a long time then all a sudden their names are tarnished becuase some upset fanboys haven't seen a Square title touch the PS3 yet, for some games Square didnt even develop themselves.

FF13 looks sick to me and downgraded graphics or not, I'm still buying that game day 1 (on the ps3 of course) and will love every minute of it. But for some reason that game is getting alot of downplay lately. Ironically though FF13vs, a ps3 exclusive, is "the shiznet" and everyone can't wait for that title to come out from "sucky SquareEnix". Am I wrong?

GameGambits3263d ago

Crisis Core = my favorite PSP game.

The World Ends With You = my favorite DS game.

Clearly SE hasn't lost it, but is having a hard time getting that same level of quality on HD consoles.

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saimcheeda3263d ago

a good game....i think the story was great, the gameplay ok.....but i hated that we couldnt skip the cutsenes!!

Etseix3263d ago

playing an RPG and u dont like cutscenes?


kasasensei3263d ago

The name helped a lot... because the game itself is boring... like any last squareenix game in fact...
Download FF7 on the store, it's truly a better choice.

CaptainKratos3263d ago

the game is not boring.its fun and holds you till the end!!!lol.this game is kickass!!! nuff said!

A7mmud3263d ago

cool soundtrack, really good combat system, impressive cutscenes, and finally good story.

so, what is the bad thing?

kasasensei3263d ago

no freedom of choices. you got a straight linear story that you can not change, where you cant do any choices, you just have to follow the hero and the story... absolutely no choice... thats all i remember about this game...
i used to love this game when i was 10 because i didn't want more, that was enough, but know, when you see all the goods rpgs, you think final fantasy (especially this one) has no flavor anymore.
I hope things will change with XIII. I really hope so.

reivann3263d ago


You could always just stick to western rpgs then, since you want to make choices. Which is fine since this is all your opinion about the game.

I personally prefer a good story over being aloud to change things by making choices, thats why I will stick with jrpgs. Before any one jumps on me about western being open and jrpgs being linear, I'm not saying there all like that but most do follow that format.

Also as you can see by these numbers, people still love those flavorless games, which is why I believe square enix will not change the style of there Final fantasy games.

mfwahwah3263d ago


Linearity is sometimes the best thing about a game's story. To me, making choices mostly only means that'll I'll play the game a second time; just to see what happens though, not because it's just that great of a game.

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Digitaldude3263d ago

Did deserve it, definitely the best psp game to date.

ZombieAutopsy3263d ago

if only they would port it to the ps2 or remake it for the Ps3 which would be amazing but itll never happen just like a FF7 remake

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