New Pokemon Heart Gold/Soul Silver footage confirms Kanto region

Some of the latest Pokemon Heart Gold/Soul Silver footage has confirmed the Kanto region, which can be seen in the clip. A few new details have been released as well.

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knox3211d ago

yes finally i have been waiting for that, gonna bring back good memories

menoyou3211d ago

Pokemon is great but without proper online battle functionality, it's practically worthless. What's the point of training so hard when you have to go through such a huge mission just to get a fight going with friend codes? Nintendo needs to wake up.

mfwahwah3210d ago (Edited 3210d ago )


I generally only play single player, so it's not really worthless.

Only game I've recently played online skate 2. And that's because that's my bread and butter right there.

EDIT: Although, I've always loved the idea of a pokemon MMO. Running around in a full world finding pokemon and catching them. Billion dollar idea right there.

Saaking3211d ago

I love pokemon games. I don't care if the gameplay doesn't change I'll always be a fan.

SKUD3211d ago

Pokemon causes seizures. Sad really. Poor bastards. =p

TruthbeTold3211d ago

that this story is so popular but people seem ashamed to let others know they like Pokemon by commenting. Come on guys, it's not just for kids. Don't be embarrassed. :p

Mo0eY3211d ago

I'm 22. I still play it. I don't collect the cards anymore though so I'm just a half-loser... right?... right?


Pokmon is fun best JRPG ever.

Horny3211d ago

i remember the old red and blue, i even had silver. I just dont like the new pokemon, too many to keep track of. I liked the first 150 pokemon, after that it just went downhill.

NaiNaiNai3211d ago

Yea so did I, but you can't keep catching em all for 10 years when theres the same number you started with.

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