God of War III + Replayability = EPIC

Badassgamer: " It's been drummed down our ears - God of War III will be a single player only experience, from day one Santa Monica Studios made it clear that the game will have no online functionality. A hit for some and miss for others, however surely the re-playability of one of Sony's biggest titles is key? If so, this idea would surely add to said longevity, read on."

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OperationFlashpoint22993d ago

very good read, and I agree GOW3 would be made even better with this

Timesplitter142993d ago (Edited 2993d ago )

The only thing I hate is how this guy thinks this idea is new and he's the only one who ever thought about this.

The truth is that we all thought about this mode when we were still 10 years old

But it IS a good thing to add in a game...

All-32993d ago

> god of war 1 or 2 had this feature, it was called titan mode. It was exactly what this dude is talking about, but it would be better in this next gen GOW if it was more dramatic, like had a cool intro for all the bosses and was really cinematic instead of just a circle of death.

God of War 1 or 2 Titan mode is NOT the same thing as Horde mode in Gears of War 2 - and it's NOT what the articler was talking about. Maybe you should play Horde mode to understand what it is.

Chubear2993d ago (Edited 2993d ago )

Just give me online Co-op, and co-op map DLCs too.
That's re-playability worth a damn to me. GoW already had stuff he's talking about... sorta and it was ok but I want to experience GoW universe with my friends (on and offline) and not on some crappy leader board too.

Devil May Cry last gen also had a mode like this but it didn't add significantly to it's re-playability to me though.

Just give me online co-op!

callahan092993d ago (Edited 2993d ago )

I don't know, I think the challenge modes that already exist in God of War games are pretty cool. They'll probably create a new sort of that, too, if I had to guess.

Tony999Montana2993d ago

So is there a story here? The guy copies an idea from another game, an idea which a child could invent, then shows us the automated email response he received from their PR team.

Plus lets not forget that Gears Of War wasn't exactly the first game to use the idea of defending against waves of enemies, although it was undeniably a great implementation of the game mechanic.

God Of War will be a great game, thank god it's creative team isn't taking notes from the author of this blog.

Hobadoon2993d ago (Edited 2993d ago )

I'm not gonna disagree with you but at the same time I won't fully agree. I think that if they're adding what seems to be like a horde'ish mode, they could have let those online play that with each other. It wouldn't be any skin off of my back so why would I care? I'd still be getting the single player experience.

As far as the main story though, I don't know if I would want a co-op experience (Unless it made sense story wise... but I'm sure it'd still be pretty wack -- The story would be stupid). "Kratos and his new ally friend take on an empire of evil and..." ..... Hell no...

**Off topic for a second and please don't grill me fanboys. You know what game I might welcome co-op for? Mass Effect. I dunno, it's just something about roaming that universe or being in one of those epic gun/biotic battles with 2 of your friends that gives me chills. Maybe not in ME2 or 3 but another title down the road that allowed users to do this could be pretty cool. (I don't even know where to begin to make something like that work but... yea.. haha)

And it kinda makes sense because you're already established with partners in ME -- As to where Kratos doesn't need a bit of help to whoop peoples asses... God's asses for that matter heh

Jaces2993d ago

For the love of God!

Why do people beg so much for online when games like this don't need it?

indysurfn2993d ago

it will be better, but it is not exactly news worthy. Welcome to the next gen gow3. Now if only I can literally juggle some people online.

Hobadoon2993d ago

But that doesn't mean it's never welcomed. People said the same about Uncharted adding in multiplayer and god did that turn into gold.

Jaces2993d ago (Edited 2993d ago )

Multiplayer is welcomed sure, but there are some games that really don't work to well with online and then there are those that don't need online.

The Uncharted multiplayer was a surprise and a great experience, no doubt, but not all games deliver an online experience like this.

A lot of the games you find that come with online play are either poorly populated with little to no people playing or it turns out to be an awful experience, ie. The Darkness, Riddick, FarCry 2, Fear 2 (Don't even get me started on Fear) etc...

Bioshock I'm still on the ropes about, I dunno. The story and campaign was amazing enough that it did not need online, same goes with GOWIII. Bioshock could work with multiplayer but it wouldn't be anything great.

I'd rather not see some of my favorite games butchered with a sh!t multiplayer. If they're going to add online in a game, then they better figure out how to make it a fun/addictive experience.

mal_tez922993d ago

They can add extra difficulties or whatever to keep people interested. But if it's the same, hold L1 and keep mashing the pad to win, gameplay like the first two and other similar games then ill probably get bored after about 20 mins like the other games. Mashing buttons is not fun :(

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HeavyInfamous2993d ago

Horde mode in Gears 2 was great, and will be great for GOWIII

Donga2993d ago

Yeah I really liked horde mode in gears 2, this would be nice in GOWIII maybe unlocked after completing the game?

iNetWatch2993d ago

Some might say the main redeeming feature of Gears 2

Chubear2993d ago

... why are you guys talking like this is some new feature that gears2 introduced? Many games have had this kind of feature in previous gens o.O

Kinda like when I see, what seems like newage gamers, talking about halo3's game recording feature as if it's revolutionary when this feature was in a couple of game on the PS1 if I remember correctly.

Gobot2993d ago

Horde mode = survival mode

mfwahwah2993d ago


It's not always the first that get remembered.

Like for instance, we give Edison praise for the light bulb. He did not invent it. He just made it much better and gave us a reason to praise it.

That's how people feel about Gears 2 and Halo 3. Nothing wrong with praising something when it's an improvement and currently the best at what it does (subjective statements, I know).

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bmatthews2993d ago

Yes I'd say that would be Epic, if done great

PS360DS2993d ago

This would be great, but no boss fights then?

Saaking2993d ago

I want them to focus on the single player and make it as epic as humanly possible and then if time permits work on multiplayer or something. I'm getting GOW III for the single player experience.

Ubuntula2993d ago

I'm similar but I'd like this feature.

iNetWatch2993d ago

We are guaranteed an already amazing single player experience..

beavis4play2993d ago

this is the final game of this storyline. it's GOW. it's kratos.........and there WILL be blood.

f#ck any online additions.......all i'd ask is to get the game earlier than next march!!