Download Content confirmed for Tekken 6 on PSP

Arne Cual-Pedroso, Public Relations Manager of Namco Bandai, confirmed that Tekken 6 for PSP will also offer download content. They are not certain yet what it could be and are discussing about new costumes, characters, arenas, etc.

It is known that the PSP version will have additional content like levels and an Ad-Hoc multiplayer mode.

Also attached the recent intro video of Tekken 6 for PSP.

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Cobalt403088d ago

Thats so sweet. I can't wait to get some T6 goodness.

saint_john_paul_ii3088d ago

expect more DLC on the PSP. Sony should overhaul the XMB on the PSP to accomadate the DLC, just like how the PS3 accommodates DLC on the XMB by having the game data seperately from the actual game and the Save game.

Miss Goblin3088d ago

I hope to see more and more. Really wanting Undead Knight on the PSP as well. Now if I could just get Ninja Gaiden Sigma on the PSP it would be perfect.

Raoh3088d ago

actually thats the console trailer not the psp trailer

forgot my password3088d ago

what sucks about this generation is that we pay full price for games and we get games that are half finished. dlc sucks anus juice

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