Yamauchi: It's "impossible" to Fully Describe GT5

GOONL!NE: Cologne isn't that far, 'ya know?

Kazunouri Yamauchi has gone on record stating that it would be "impossible" to try and fully describe Gran Turismo 5.

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Xistan3115d ago (Edited 3115d ago )

"And there’s so much in GT5 that it would be impossible to fully describe it using just a summary,”

“If you have a car in GT PSP, then it will be unlocked in GT5.”

Thank you Mr. Yamauchi, so about that release date again... =)

Surely at gamescom right? no? its a surprise? Tokyo Games Show you say?

I'll be looking forward to it.

LiL T3115d ago

I hope at the latest its revealed at TGS. I can't wait for this game any longer, I guess its gt5p and gt psp in the mean time.

a_squirrel3115d ago

sounds like it's gonna be... ooo, that's a toughie...

LiquifiedArt3115d ago

Because once it drops, I will be in Simulator Heaven for many many hours there after. I bought A Chair, Logitech 3xx (w clutch) a surround sound, Big HDtV (bravia) and I am prepared to hone my skills in Granturismo.

Its like a feast for Car Enthusiasts.

ThanatosDMC3115d ago

But Forza3 has awesome background...

Maddens Raiders3115d ago (Edited 3115d ago )

Time as I know it ends when this "game" drops.

50CALheadshot3115d ago

gt5 represents so many things, hes right there is no description.

i can only imagine all the HD-driving i will b doing in many modes.

Mr Marbles3115d ago

is a description of the freaking launch date! This is absurd, they should shut up about the game until they can tell us when it's coming out. If it's not out by 2010, they can keep it.

pixelsword3115d ago


"I can't fully describe it, so just buy it".

I Kid.

mfwahwah3115d ago

Hey Mr. Marbles! It's called "patience." I swear, gaming has ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS tested my patience. Either playing the games or just waiting for them. I can't really understand how people can complain. I didn't even complain as a dang kid waiting for release dates...

50CALheadshot3115d ago (Edited 3115d ago )

if you want to drive a sim, this is THE best racing sim since forever. The audio, the visuals and physics on the gt5 DEMO are above anything else out right now.

on the other side of things, if professional mode is too much for can shut it off and just play an arcade racer.

so many modes, so many cars, so much production value....GT5 cant come soon enough

Thats what makes the gt series the king of racers. Imitation is a form of flattery but brings nothing of substance to push the genre forward(looks at the self proclaimed definitive racer).

IdleLeeSiuLung3115d ago

I think a great deal of patience is required with Sony, since they almost always release information way to early. How about releasing information about the game when it is ready?

Personally, I get sick of hearing about the castle in the sky and when it finally arrives, there is so much hype that frankly no game can live up to. From there, there is just down hill.

Happened with KZ2... got hyped into buying it. No where near as good as CoD4.

dantesparda3114d ago (Edited 3114d ago )

And werent they also gonna give us trophies too? And ingame music would be nice too.

And Idle, stop being your usual Sony sh!t talking self. And not as good as Cod4? Lets not push it. They are about equal.

mfwahwah3114d ago


I like that about SONY. Remember LBP? We saw it right when they started working on it, basically. Got to see the game evolve and grow up :P

And if you fall for hype trains then that's your own damn fault. Don't believe the media word for word. Reporting news isn't their only job... It's also to get attention.

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Lifewish3115d ago

tired of hearing they could release it in 2009. Just give a release date

Johnny Cullen3115d ago


9 days at SCEE's presser.

You'll get the date there.

You have my assurence of it.

JL3115d ago

I'm not sure where you're getting your info (I'd like to know though, by all means share :)) However, I would have to pretty much agree (though I'm not as clearly confident as Johnny seems to be, like he knows something we don't), but I'd say it will either happen at GamesCom (well most likely that 3 hour press conference the day before) or TGS. Though I'm more leaning towards a release date at that press conference and then TGS having some actual hands-on with the game or something. Either way, I'm really hoping this hits this year. I can't wait for GT5 (just wish I could afford one of these elaborate setups--nice expensive wheel with seat and all that--like some people seem to be willing to pay for one game pretty much).

cmrbe3115d ago

I think they will announce it at tgs because if Sony announce the slim at gamecon then that itself is big enough. Tgs is bigger than gamecon anways and PD is based in japan as well. There is no reason for sony to drop all their bombs in one go.

mfwahwah3115d ago

But GT makes the best sales in Europe doesn't it? Why NOT announce one of Europe's favorite game's release dates at their convention?

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ultimolu3115d ago

Oh Jesus...does that mean this game is gonna be epic? :o

Megaton3115d ago

"Definitive" works too.

JonnyBigBoss3115d ago

It's Gran Turismo. Best racing graphics so far this generation with over 800 cars? Come on now. I think I just soiled my pants talking about it.

Knightrid8083115d ago

Just by watching the trailer, I can already tell the game is going to be beyond epic. I guess that's what Sony meant by "Play Beyond".

callahan093115d ago

Over 800 cars, indeed. This little article actually confirms that in a round-about sort of way. By telling us that unlocking a car in GT PSP also unlocks it in GT5 when you connect the two games, that's confirming that, at the very least, GT5 will have every single car that GT PSP has.

mfwahwah3115d ago

Epic's connotation died with the internet's decision to spam the **** out of it.

Epic to me now means "pretty cool."

GT5 is waaaaaay beyond that.

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MetalGearBear 3115d ago (Edited 3115d ago )

can't wait GT5 on PS3!!!!
GT5 is go destroy Floprza 3!!!!!

Hey xbot, enjoy play Floprza 3 with 2 discs and hot wheel cars!!!!

kissmeimgreek3115d ago

you play forza 3 with one download the other one to your HDD you know, kinda like a ps3 install.

silverchode3115d ago

lol a fanboy comment gets more agrees than a rational one

Ps_alm3k3115d ago

you will unlock in the Ps3 version .....
Does that say anything at all???

So, the game will be out this year for sure, and if iam not at home I will unlock my cars on the go.

poindat3115d ago

That also means that if there was any doubt at all about Lamborghini and Bugatti appearing in GT5, it has just been all washed away.

HolaTarola3115d ago (Edited 3115d ago )

Is great that Lambo and Bugatti join GT franchise, but where is Porsche? =(

Can anyone tell me how is that a franchise like Forza, which is waaaay below the level of the GT franchise, do have Porsche and not GT?

MikeMichaels3115d ago

In past GT's Porsche has been represented by RUF. So license or not you will have them in the game.