Brothers in Arms: Hell's Highway Limited Edition - $10

Best Buy Rewards Zone members can pick up Brothers in Arms: Hell's Highway Limited Edition for $10, after a printable coupon. Deal is only valid in store.

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jessehaysfl3237d ago

thats a great deal, the game was largely overlooked.

cyclindk3237d ago

I agree it's a great deal, but it was overlooked because it was glitchy, laggy and fell far short of promises.

poindat3237d ago

I thought it was decent. It's really satisfying when you manage to turn a difficult situation around with some careful maneuvering.

Not only are you getting the game, but the limited edition. For that price, it is more than worth it.

cyclindk3237d ago


I also enjoyed the concept of "maneuvering" around enemies (most of the time this meant the front route or one or two back/side routes, not very impressive if you ask me), but it wasn't carried out in the game to the extent it was implied prior to release; I absolutely know that plans change throughout a game's development cycle, but I don't know if there was a single aspect of this game where the devs fully delivered on their promises (this fact as well as lag/glitches was unacceptable to me).

Especially considering I chose not to finish playing after I entered a level with non-stop lag from beginning to the point I decided to sell the game back. I had NEVER experienced such a degree of unrefinement in a major release before.

faisdotal3237d ago

i was planning to get this, heard the SP was really really fun.

y0haN3237d ago

It is. The MP is meh, but the SP is really good. Check out the previous two games (on PC, if possible) if you want to follow the story.

gintoki7773237d ago

wow whats with all these collectors editions being better than just a soundtrack 0.0 now with all these games coming up...........o boy

-Mezzo-3237d ago

It's a shame to see game like Crackdown,COD4,Mercenaries,Sai nts Row which game sucked according to me sell so well and this game was ignored even though this was 1 awesome game.

mrblacknut3237d ago (Edited 3237d ago )

This has to be one of the dumbest comments I have seen on N4G. Sorry but the FACT is your in the minority of people who have enjoyed those games in the millions. In additon those are games that came out before it was released. It was ignored for alot of reasons and some were mentioned above. Bottom line it fell short from what they claimed it was going to be since 2006. Get over it. If you are enjoying great but don't downplay other games with some not even in the same genre to pass off your minor opinion.

-Mezzo-3237d ago

Ok you have enlightened me with you Superior Bullcrap opinion. let me get something straight now about what was my point there that you completely missed.

Crackdown (Crap game) Mercenaries (Crap game) Saints Row (Crap Game) these game all fell short of what they promised and yet got sales in millions.

And Brothers In Arms sure fell short of what promised but not as much as the games mentioned above.

If still you are lost and cannot understand my point PM me i'll be happy to clarify it to you.

mrblacknut3237d ago

you could have just clarified it in your post you just did. Because I am curious to know where you line of "falling short" is at and how about giving us details on each of those games and how tey fell short. How did it fall short but not as much as others lol. Seriously!!!

No one is lost becuase you didn't explain any point other than an opinion that you are saying all those games fell short with NO EXPLANATION.