Ice T Plays Call of Duty, Loses Shit, Demands Snapple, Rings Cliffy B

Kotaku writes.... All in a day's work for the CSI Law & Order: SVU star. As Jace Hall admires Coco's plastic attributes, Ice gets killed by friendly fire, beckons for a soft drink, and then discusses casting decisions with Cliff Bleszinski.


I guess Kotaku Changed The Heading From (Losses Shit ) to (Losses Stuff).

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Chubear2936d ago (Edited 2936d ago )

I've always been surprised that a lot of the gaming community never used to follow's Jace Hall Show and it's good that it's being shown on N4G but something about Kotaku presenting this that makes it feel slimy.

kickaski2936d ago

this vid is old as hell, but definitely worth watching! all week i've been listening to alot of Ice-T and i've been trying to memorize his lyrics for when i play COD xD

Blaster_Master2936d ago

Yeah, I love the Carmack episode when Jace gets chocked out. "It was like falling asleep". Ha! Carmack sucks balls for being a little kiss ass in the industry cause I would be a total fanboy about his AA games. Jace got endorsed by Sony on the show with a piece of paper on his forehead. It was hillarious!

Twizlex2936d ago

Why is Kotaku posting videos FROM LAST YEAR!?!?!?

Bnet3432936d ago

Ice-T said noob ... I'd bang Coco.

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kaveti66162936d ago

"It relaxes me... Motherfu*ker...Shot me in the face."

Please approve this. Please.

-Mezzo-2936d ago

lol. you could have also contributed in approving this.

Steve0072936d ago

i think i just got me self the cliffy B's number.

cereal_killa2936d ago

ROFLMMFAO "get me a snapple" Jace Hall got his a$$ owned. I wonder how many Calls Cliffy B is getting now that his phone number is plastered all over the net now.