Splitscreen vs. Internet: Is Online Play Better?

The omission of splitscreen is a growing trend this generation, no doubt. Hell, even splitscreen's PC cousin, the LAN party, is going the way of the dodo.

Certainly, playing online is a tremendous convenience (although if you think about it, wading through menus and hunting for good server ping times just to talk with friends over a microphone is hardly convenient).

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tdogchristy903181d ago

All I can really say is he has an amazing point! If it wasn't for split screen and 007 I wouldn't be the gamer I am today. Me and the Fraternity brothers have tons of fun killing each other in split screen on halo! What a bonding experience, i'd hate to lose that.

Sunny_D3181d ago

I used to love playing splitscreen on Goldeneye 64! Those were the best times man! ;)
Too bad now a days, splitscreen feels more of a tacky add on that's just there to make people happy.