Iran Developing Strategy Game

Kotaku reports that the Iran's Tabyan Cultural, Information Processing Institute has created a strategic PC game called Saving the Port. It's apparently the first strategy title produced by Iranians. The game's goal? According to Tehran-based site Taliya News, "to counter the West's cultural onslaught and in order to promote the Islamic-Iranian culture."

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Firewire4217d ago

So in other words, "to train terrorists" thats all they had to say!

bamdad4217d ago

dude just shut the $%&* up, you're way fooled by you media. these are normal people out there. they arent terorists dont confuse the people in a country with its government

techie4217d ago

I have no words Firewire. That disappoints me

BIadestarX4217d ago

I think "terroris don't think they are terrorist" as far as they are concern the west are the terrorists. I guest it depends where you are from and how you were raise. I know one thing for sure though, in this game the Enemies will be America, Israel and some other western countries. If this would be made for the 360 some of the achivements would be "Build Nuclear Weapon", "Launch Nuclear Weapon against Israel", ...

Firewire4217d ago

Guys listen you can't realy do anything there freely!
Do you think that this game won't have racial undertones to it?
If you were to play this game I bet you would see terms such as infidels,
Zionist crap and such.
But if anything the west has brought this upon itself with arabs
being portrayed as evil in western games. This game will only fuel
hatred! Young Iranians that believe in what there gov says will use this
game to fuel there hatred against the west & Isreal in general.
I don't like games like this, but believe me some will use it as fuel
to draw more youth into there hatred!

kmis874217d ago

Iran, whose government is based on Islamic sharia law, is a pretty evil country by the Western standard that is rooted in Liberalism (democracy, equality, human rights, universal suffrage, etc.)

The legal testimony of women is counted as 1/2 that of men, and non Muslims are not allowed to testify against Muslims in court.

Muslims who convert away from their religion (apostates) are executed. Non Muslims who attempt or are accused of attempting to convert Muslims are executed.

Every year somewhere around 150 homosexuals are executed. Transexuality is accepted by the government as a legitimate medical condition, so accused homosexuals are often given the "options" of having their junk surgically removed (living pre-op is not allowed) or being beheaded.

According to Islamic sharia law (derived from the Quran and Sunna, and the hadith, the hisorical actions of the prophet Muhammad) married men and women found guilty of adultery are to be stoned to death. Men are buried to their waist and pelted with stones until they die. Women are buried to their chest because in the ensuing struggle their breasts may be exposed and this would be considered "vulgar" by religious authorities.

The accusation of rape, as with adultery, requires 4 male witnesses (that's 8 female witnesses) in order to get a conviction. As such, rapists are hardly ever convicted. Rape accusers, however, are usually convicted of adultery, as the accusation of rape is taken as a confession of extramarital sex. As Muhammed ordered during his lifetime, the punishment is then 100 lashes for unmarried women, and stoning to death of married women.

The legal age of "consent" and general adulthood for women is 9. It is 15 for men. The age of 9 is chosen because if 9 year olds were considered children, then that would make Muhammed a pedophile, as his wife Aisha (one of the twelve wives he would have) was 9 years old at the time he consummated his marriage with her (she was six when they were married).

Hands are amputated for theft.

The Bahai religious minority (a monotheistic sect that believes in complete equality among all races, religions, and between the genders and which holds a universalist respect of all religions) are considered Muslims by Iranian law since they acknowledge the prophethood of Muhammed, but are then deemed apostates since they believe Muhammed was not the final prophet.

The Iranian president has famously called for Israel to be "wiped off the map," and the government sponsored an international Holocaust denial conference, as well as an anti-Semitic cartoon competition. Iranian television regularly broadcasts anti-Semitic and anti-American propoganda:

Holocaust denial:

Revenge of the Sith Review:

By all Western standards the Iranian government is quite evil, and the saddest thing is that it has widespread popular support.

techie4217d ago

ahhhhh it's not made by the government is it!!! It's made by some people in Iran. SH*t. Is GTA4 made by George Bush? Is The Getaway made by the Labour Party!? Sh*t you guys...I'd think that after having so much stick to the American govt. you'd realise that the people of a country do not equate to their govenment.

Open your eyes.

Firewire4217d ago

But Deep, you can't just develop a video game there and release it!
Almost everything there is censored and reviewed by the government.
And the Iranian gov will use this game as a tool , to promote its own agenda of hatred!
My next door neighbor who is Iranian, smuggled himself & his family to Canada 3 years ago. His brother who stayed behind was arrested, and never seen again. What remains of his family have been warned not to even inquire about him! No news on a trial or confirmation that he is in prison at all! His family lives with the fact he is most likely dead, but they don't even have a body to bury !
And it all happened to set an example to other families , the warning is don't you even try and leave or will kill those close to you!
So Deep, I don't understand why you would think this game can be made freely and not have the gov screw with it! Your talking about a society that controls everything T.V. radio the internet, everything!

kmis874217d ago

The article is unclear as to whether the Tabyan Cultural, Information Processing Institute is associated with the Iranian government.

It seems to me that there is a great chance that the institute is government related or at least funded, especially since the propaganda about Iranian culture is very reminiscent of the official Iranian government position on everything from "Western haircuts" and eyebrow plucking (both banned) and the movie 300 (also banned).

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sumfood4u4217d ago

All Races Enjoying Video Games the Way they are meant 2, Bad media never great for Gammers!

Wargasm4217d ago

I hope that this game gets leaked and that it becomes so popular that millions of american devote their time defending Iran's port from Their very own cultural onslaught..... and british sailors

It would be perfect global irony.

kmis874217d ago

If you really want to play an antiSemitic and antiAmerican game right away you can check out this Hezbollah designed game:

Hezbollah was created and is funded and receives orders directly from Iran so I guess you can look up that one and estimate the quality of this upcoming game.

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