7 Reasons Why Loot Whores Will Love Borderlands

2K Games and developer Gearbox call it a role-playing shooter. Loot addicts can call it trouble. Borderlands -- due out this October 20 for the 360, PS3, and PC -- combines simple RPG elements with a first-person shooter set in a Mad Max-style badlands world.

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umair_s513148d ago

I wish they add splitscreen multiplayer

dgroundwater3148d ago

ABOVE - They do have it I think.

Darkfiber3148d ago

I think this game would be more appealing if they had armor and melee weapons as well, instead of guns, and if the game was in third person/had the option to play in third person, so you could actually SEE your loot on the person. If it's just guns and you can't see the impact of your loot on the characters it kind of defeats the purpose of a loot whoring game. Besides, ANOTHER FPS, sigh... Third person > first person any day of the week.